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Lifespan psychology development

Lifespan psychology development

Sample Answer 

Lifespan psychology development

5th Module

This Module delves into the specifics of Baumrind’s parenting skills, where each parenting style has a different impact on growing children. My upbringing is closely related to the four styles discussed by Baumrind, but in this case, I will demonstrate how authoritative parenting affected my life as I grew up. According to researchers, the parenting style produces the best and most well-behaved children, which is a source of pride for their parents. My parents were warm and responsive to me from the time I was a child until I started school. In school, I became one of the top students, and I attribute my success to how welcoming my parents were to me and how quickly they responded whenever I requested assistance.

My mother gave me clear guidelines on how to behave and expected a lot from me, especially in terms of following those guidelines. This helped to boost my self-esteem and improve my social skills, and I attribute the characteristics to the treatment I received from my mother. My parents were always supportive and encouraged me to value independence, which reduced my mental illness and delinquency because I stopped colliding with my friends in the cause of borrowing and other times, relying on my friends for help. Because of these values, my parents became authoritative and shaped my behavior into what it is today. These qualities instilled in me have aided my development in areas populated by mixed races, where growing children can develop without feeling inferior. Because my mind is not distracted, I have been able to survive in situations that I perceive to be difficult.

Module Six

In this Module, we consider Kohlberg’s stages of moral development, where parenting styles are known to influence behaviors at various levels. From my experience, the authoritative parenting style relates to my great childhood memories, which influenced my moral behaviors. The authoritative parenting style taught me to distinguish between what is right and wrong. My mother taught me when and how to behave properly by providing clear guidelines and telling me what was expected of me.

The first stage of moral development was pre-convectional, in which I acted based on the outcome of an action. I acted well because I knew my parents would punish me if I didn’t obey. According to Kohlberg, the second stage is the conventional stage, in which morals are based on what other people would think after a child has performed an act. The parent’s expectations are so high in the authoritative parenting style that it causes a child to think critically before engaging in an action. My mother’s expectations aided me in developing social skills that have helped me relate to others more effectively. The final moral developmental stage is Post-conventional Moral Development, in which children value facts and can distinguish between right and wrong without relying on external sources. At this stage, children’s social skills are fully developed, and they can judge whether they are doing the right thing. In my case, my parents instilled in me self-reliance in authority, and my morals enabled me to interact with my peers without squabbling (Life span development., 2018).


Life span development. (2018). Kohlberg’s Stages of Moral Development | Lifespan Development.                        Retrieved from lifespandevelopment2/chapter/Kohlberg’s-stages-of-moral-development/


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Read the following article:

Lifespan psychology development

Lifespan psychology development


After reading the article discuss your thoughts on what you’ve read in 4 – 6 paragraphs.  Outside sources including the textbook and quotes or paraphrased items from this article must all be cited in this assignment using APA format. both “in text” and listed properly at the end.


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