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Topic, Rationale, And Annotated Source List

Topic, Rationale, And Annotated Source List

Sample Answer 

Topic, Rationale, And Annotated Source List

I chose this topic to discuss the causes of equality issues between African Americans and white people in the United States. Because they do not have equal opportunities, the relationship between the white race and African Americans has suffered greatly in recent years. As a result, the topic will aid in outlining the major causes of equality issues among African Americans in the United States. As a result, this will aid in understanding the strategies that can be used to appropriately address the issues.

Furthermore, I chose this topic to better understand how equality issues have impacted African Americans in recent years. African Americans, for example, do not have the same employment, education, and healthcare opportunities as white Americans in the United States. As a result, this topic will aid in defining the consequences of these effects on their lives. Poor living standards and healthcare are two examples of the consequences of equality issues in the United States for African Americans.

In addition, I chose this topic to better understand the government’s directives on equality issues. To improve the experiences of African Americans, the United States government should take responsibility for addressing equality issues. African Americans and white people have equal rights. As a result, the United States government has the right to develop policies that ensure equal opportunities for both African Americans and white people. Implementing anti-discrimination policies, for example, is one measure the United States government can take to address equality concerns.

Annotated Bibliography

Bleich, S., Findling, M., Casey, L., Blendon, R., Benson, J., & SteelFisher, G. et al. (2019). Discrimination in the United States: Experiences of black Americans. Health Services Research, 54(S2), 1399-1408.

The article outlines the experiences of racial discrimination among African Americans in the United States. It shows that discrimination among African Americans mainly occurs in the employment and healthcare sectors. In the employment and healthcare sectors, African Americans do not get equal opportunities which has dramatically affected the quality of their lives.

Ellis, R. (2018). “It’s not equality”: how race, class, and gender construct the normative religious self among female prisoners. Social Inclusion, 6(2), 181-191.

The article focuses on equality issues among African Americans in prison. In the United States, equality issues are experienced in prisons because African Americans do not enjoy their freedom in serving their terms. Again, the articles show how African Americans with different religious backgrounds have been impacted.

Monk, E. P. (2019). The color of punishment: African Americans, skin tone, and the criminal justice system. Ethnic and Racial Studies, 42(10), 1593-1612.

The article outlines the causes of equality issues among African Americans in the United States. For example, during the precolonial period, the black race was used as slaves in the United States, contributing to equality issues. For this reason, a negative perception was built among African Americans, which has greatly led to equality issues.

Noonan, A., Velasco-Mondragon, H., & Wagner, F. (2016). Improving the health of African Americans in the USA: an overdue opportunity for social justice. Public Health Reviews, 37(1).

The journal focuses on outlining the risk factors African Americans are exposed to from the increased inequality in healthcare. For instance, African Americans experience poor health conditions and low quality of life since they lack the same chances of acquiring quality healthcare services. As a result, the mortality rate in the African American population has dramatically increased over the past years. Also, the article shows how these conditions can be improved.

Scarborough, W., Lambouths, D., & Holbrook, A. (2019). Support of workplace diversity policies: The role of race, gender, and beliefs about inequality. Social Science Research, 79, 194- 210.

The journal explains various strategies that can be implemented to address equality issues among African Americans. It focuses on the employment sectors and how government policies can help out. One of the measures that can be taken to prevent workplace discrimination includes diversification among employees. This will ensure employees learn to relate with people from different cultural backgrounds.


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Assume you are an investigative reporter for a major publication (magazine or newspaper) who has been assigned to research important ethnic, racial, gender, or class issues that are evidencing problems and affecting people in a local area, workplace, or specific part of the world. Your goal is to provide an in-depth analysis of and put a human face on the issue, the problems being evidenced, and proposed changes to bring about improvement for those affected. You will report your analysis in a series of articles that the editor plans to publish in two major parts.

The breakdown for this series of articles is as follows:

Week 2: The Topic, Rationale, and Annotated Source List assignment require you to conduct preliminary research and select one topic area for the series. Please review this video for instructions on how to format an Annotated Bibliography.

Choose ONE of the following topics:

African American equality issues in the U.S.

Arab American equality issues in the U.S.

Asian American equality issues in the U.S.

Assimilation and pluralism in the U.S.

Ethnicity and racial identity issues in the U.S.

Ethnicity and racial issues in Brazil or South Africa

Ethnicity, racial, or language issues in Canada

Gender equality issues in a specific region (another country outside of the U.S.)

Gender equality issues in the U.S. (or specific workplace)

Gender inclusion and personal identity (global perspective)

Hispanic American equality issues in the U.S.

Immigration issues in the U.S.

Jewish American equality issues in the U.S.

Native American equality issues in the U.S.

Social class issues in the U.S.

White ethnic American equality issues in the U.S.

Write 2–3 pages in which you:

Identify one topic area you would like to research for the series of articles. The topic area selected should involve problems for those affected.

Provide a rationale with three reasons for selecting the topic area.

Include an annotated source list of five credible, reliable sources for the selected topic area. A sample annotated source list [PDF] has been provided for your reference.

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