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Applying social Psychology and Personality

Applying social Psychology and Personality

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Applying social Psychology and Personality

The study of human thought, emotion, behavior, and interpersonal interaction is known as social psychology. This field aids in understanding individual, group, or societal behavior because it focuses on feelings, attitudes, and the ways in which groups can influence individuals. Examining a person’s behavior in a situation while taking into account many factors, such as their personality and the environment in which they live, is also beneficial.

Individual, societal, or group behavior

Understanding social psychology is critical because everyone’s actions reflect their emotions and surroundings. Social psychology makes it easier to understand a person’s personality traits and behaviors. Psychologists use trait theory to investigate personalities. It is based on the idea that every individual possesses a set of fundamental characteristics that influence their thoughts and behavior under different circumstances. It is based on the idea that situations and settings can elicit emotions, which then manifest as behaviors. This theory can help predict someone’s behavior in a given situation (Shibutani & Glassner, 2017). Understanding how personality traits influence behavior may aid in better understanding and prediction of how people will behave. They investigate social processes and behaviors such as emotions, attitudes, intentions, and thoughts (Shibutani & Glassner, 2017). Among the topics are: Attributions is a branch of social psychology concerned with how people interpret their own experiences, actions, and motivations to others. Attribution describes how we interpret our previous experiences by attributing praise or blame for our actions to external factors. Stereotypes focus on how people categorize and judge others based on their membership in each group. For example, people may have preconceived notions about specific ethnic groups or gender norms (Shibutani & Glassner, 2017). Social facilitation investigates how context influences how quickly people perform behaviors or tasks. Certain circumstances may make a difficult task, such as completing a puzzle, easier. The tendency to perform poorly as a result of a scenario or task is referred to as social loafing. In other words, they may not be sufficiently motivated to complete the work to its fullest extent. Finally, there are our social norms, which are concerned with how a particular group maintains the status quo. Someone may be considered “more of a leader” if they are well-liked by the group and have strong social or professional skills.

Incorporation of a Christian Worldview

Christian worldview concepts can be used to improve social relationships, educational settings, and cross-cultural communication. The Christian worldview can be used to foster beneficial interactions with people from all walks of life (Leganger-Krogstad, 2003). Individuals will feel better about themselves and behave in ways that promote the integration of people from various backgrounds if they are welcomed into a safe environment where their perspectives on diversity are recognized and valued. People will feel free to express their thoughts and feelings because they will be heard in a loving and compassionate manner. This open discussion may result in greater understanding, acceptance, forgiveness, reconciliation, and racial harmony.

Beliefs and backgrounds vary.

I believe that knowing more about social psychology and personality will help me interact with people from different cultural backgrounds or worldviews. Thanks to this knowledge, I will be able to understand why people who hold different beliefs than mine behave and think in different ways. Social psychology and personality theory explain how various factors influence people in various ways. My understanding of social psychology and personality will enable me to recognize people’s differences and similarities. My understanding of social behavior, personality, and conversational techniques will enable me to interact and relate more effectively with people from various cultural backgrounds. Knowing why others think differently, according to Khalis et al., helps me accept them better (2022). People come from a variety of backgrounds, and their life experiences shape how they think. I need to understand that everyone is unique in their own way. It would be unjust of me to expect others to think or act the same way I do or in the same way that I was raised.


The scientific study of how other people’s actual, suggested, or simulated presence affects people’s thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are known as social psychology. The three major schools of social psychology encompass different mental orientations, cognitive vs. psychoanalytic perspectives, and methods of observing social interaction (e.g., laboratory vs. naturalistic). As subtle variables that operate outside of our awareness and control continue to shape society and human behavior, research is increasingly focusing on understanding their significance.


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Using the links and attachments please answer the following two questions

3. The Austin and Fitzgerald article discussed social identity theory.  How do the social actors (i.e. the people studied) create both their personal identity and their social identity in the context of Burning Man festivals?  Give some examples.  What is an example of boundary maintenance? That is, how they maintained and created their own identity by stating what the “other” was.

Applying social Psychology and Personality

Applying social Psychology and Personality

4. The working world is filled with a diverse group of people from many backgrounds, cultures, and belief systems.  Much of this chapter discussed race, sex, prejudice and discrimination, stereotypes, and conflict.  Please discuss an experience in which conflict was experienced and then overcome.  Explain using your background in social psychology how the positive outcome was reached. (Please limit your response to a page (one computer screen) at the longest you will need to summarize the experience). If you really don’t have one, you can say so.

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