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Experience and Weekly Research Articles

Experience and Weekly Research Articles

Sample Answer 

Experience and Weekly Research Articles

It is critical for clinicians and researchers to read scientific literature and stay current. With so many medical journals available, it is critical to developing a method for selecting and reading relevant articles. An orderly approach to examining scientific literature should be outlined. The reader begins by going over the title, abstract, and conclusion. These three sections are sufficient to determine whether or not to read the entire article.

Examining the existing literature body to understand the subject of interest is a critical step in the evidence-based practice process. Conducting a literature review allows one to gain foundational knowledge on the subject. The acquired knowledge can be used to generate new insights. Developing a thorough understanding of a subject requires setting aside enough time to search for relevant resources and information.

It was not difficult to locate and read the weekly research articles. The articles were easily accessible from various databases because they included the authors’ names, keywords, article titles, and the title of the journal in which the item was published. Nurses’ Knowledge of Pressure Ulcer Prevention in Public Hospitals in Wollega: A Cross-sectional Study Design is a pressure ulcer research article. The article is well-organized and simple to read. The abstract summarizes the content of the article for the reader.

The Foo article was also easy to find and read. It is published in an open-access journal, making it easily accessible. Reading the journal was also enjoyable, owing to the exciting nature of the subject. The abstract of the article provides an overview of the article’s contents. For a long time, drug abuse has been a source of concern. With the advancement of technology and environmental dynamics, the underlying factors contributing to drug abuse have evolved. The article’s authors sought to investigate how various factors influenced drug abuse in Malaysia.

It was also simple to locate the article Nursing Theory in Hospital Models of Care by Quinn and McDonough (2019, p 11). The article is easily found by conducting a keyword search on the internet. It is freely available in the American Journal of Nursing. However, the report lacks an abstract, making it difficult for the reader to comprehend the contents without reading the entire article. Research articles are empirical articles that describe a particular topic. The methods and results of research articles are typically used to inform the documentation of the hypothesis tested.

Primary care physician practice styles and patient care: Evidence from physician exits in Medicare by Fadlon, and Van Parys is one of the articles that I have found useful in my PCP practice (2020, p. 102304). Primary care physicians play an important role in the delivery of healthcare in the United States. The article investigates the role of primary care physicians in patient care. By focusing on Medicare patients, the article also estimates the long-term effects of PCP practice styles on patient health care. The article was helpful in determining my role and impact in a primary care physician’s practice. Several media reports have been rendered useless due to the biased nature of their reporting.


Ebi, W. E., Hirko, G. F., & Mijena, D. A. (2019). Nurses’ knowledge of pressure ulcer prevention in public hospitals in Wollega: a cross-sectional study design. BMC Nursing, 18(1), 20.

Fadlon, I., & Van Parys, J. (2020). Primary care physician practice styles and patient care: Evidence from physician exits in Medicare. Journal of Health Economics, 71, 102304.

Foo, Y. C., Tam, C. L., & Lee, T. H. (2012). Family factors and peer influence in drug abuse: a study in a rehabilitation centre. International Journal of Collaborative Research on Internal Medicine & Public Health, 4(3).

Quinn, B. L., & McDonough, A. (2019). Nursing Theory in Hospital Models of Care. AJN, American Journal of Nursing, 119(12), 11.


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Your Experience & Research Articles

Describe your experience with reading research articles.

Share an example of an article that has been useful and applicable to your practice based on your readings.  Share an example of an article (or information) that was not helpful.

Experience and Weekly Research Articles

Experience and Weekly Research Articles

Provide rationale through critiquing and evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of the articles.

Submission Instructions:

  • Your initial post must be at least 500 words, formatted, and cited in the current APA style with support from at least two academic sources. Your initial post is worth 8 points. Initial posts without two references will receive an automatic 0 for the complete discussion.
  • You must respond to at least two of your peers by extending, refuting/correcting, or adding additional nuance to their posts and supporting your opinion with a reference. Response posts must be at least 150 words. Your response (reply) posts are worth 2 points (1 point per response). Your post will include a salutation, a response (150 words), and a reference.
  • Quotes “…” cannot be used at a higher learning level for your assignments, so sentences need to be paraphrased and referenced.
  • Acceptable references include scholarly journal articles or primary legal sources (statutes, court opinions), journal articles, and books published in the last five years—no websites or videos are to be referenced without prior approval. Discussions using websites as references will receive an automatic 0.


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