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Psychological Well-Being Assessment

Psychological Well-Being Assessment

Sample Answer 

Psychological Well-Being Assessment

Part A

The first test that I took was the Sexual Addiction test, in which I scored a 2. I was not surprised by the result because I don’t believe that I am a sex addict, a fact the results confirmed. The second test I took was the Quick Compassionate Love test, in which I scored a 26 indicating that I most likely have compassionate love. I agree with the results because while I am compassionate, there is a limit to my compassion, especially when I sense that someone may be trying to take advantage of my compassion, and I will easily withdraw. In the third quiz Energy Vampires, I scored a 16 in the emotional capacity and a 0 for the vampire assessment. These results indicated that my self-esteem fluctuates and that I alternate between good and bad days. The results suggest that I may not be able to cope during stressful times and that I need a very good reason to maintain my contact with an energy vampire. The results also indicated that I might manage, in small doses, an energy vampire. I am inclined to completely disagree with the assessment seeing that I naturally tend to see the good in people. However, if I realize that a person is not worth my trust, then I do not hesitate to cut them off from my life. The suggestion given in this case was that I need to let go of the energy vampire, yet I believe every person deserves a chance before being discredited as unworthy of any chances. The next test was the Extraversion-Introversion Test, where I scored 83% in extraversion and 31% in introversion. The results showed that I am an unabashed extrovert. Further, the verdict indicates that I am a strong extrovert who tends to enjoy human interactions and work with others in a group rather than work alone. I agree with the description of being around others, which helps to energize me. However, I was taken aback that others may likely see me as assertive and talkative. As per the results, which I agree with, I have a few introverted characteristics. I also like social gatherings, interacting and working with others, and generally enjoy human interaction.

My Emotional Type Quiz score was 32, which is mid-range. This type of response indicates that I may have some qualities or characteristics of both thin and thick-boundary people. I think this is a good indication that I am neither too aloof nor am I naive; I tend to weigh situations soberly before making judgments. The Quick Personality Test indicated once again that I am an extravert, socially outgoing, and stimulated by the company of others. I scored high in agreeableness, which suggests that I am more compassionate and cooperative toward others. I also scored high in conscientiousness, suggesting that I greatly value self-discipline, acting dutifully, and aiming for achievement. I couldn’t agree more with this analysis. I scored quite high in openness to experiences suggesting that I have a general appreciation for art, emotion, adventure, unusual ideas, imagination, curiosity, and a variety of experiences. Again, these results are quite accurate in describing me. I could not resist but take Dr. Phil’s Personality Test, in which I scored 51. According to this test, I am a natural Leader. Although not entirely surprised by the results, it was refreshing to know that others see me as an exciting, highly volatile, rather impulsive personality and a natural leader. It is true that I am quick to make decisions and, in some cases, not the right ones, but in my own defense, it takes courage to think fast and make decisions when no one else is willing to pull the plug. I am always ready to give out the consequences of my decisions rather than live in fear of not deciding at all. Lastly, it was good to know that others see me as bold and adventuresome, someone who will try anything once, take chances and enjoy an adventure. I also understood why people enjoy being in my company because of my excitement.

Part B

Taking these quizzes was an interesting experience as I had never really taken the time to ponder people’s perceptions of me. As an extrovert and compassionate-oriented person, I tend to focus more on relating to other people’s emotions than my own. I will naturally look at helping out a person in a fix before I think of what such actions would imply to the recipient or those around me. What I found to be a little unsettling was the energy vampires test, which suggested that I intentionally put myself in a position where people may take advantage of my kindness or compassion. I struggled to get back to my natural balance after much inner reflection. I wouldn’t say I liked that I had to go through a mental assessment of all the times I had shown compassion and understanding to a person who may otherwise be dismissed as undeserving of another chance. Reflecting on my past and present relationships where despite the ‘common sense’ of others dictating that I should not give the other person a second chance, I still gave them the benefit of the doubt. Although most of the time, my decisions had proven to be the right thing to do, the few times I had been proven wrong bothered me at this time and more so following the suggestion made at the end of the test (that I should cut out, with immediate effect, any current energy vampires). Besides this one test, I feel the other results were quite accurate. I intend to use these results to better myself.


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Psychological Well-Being Assessment


You are to complete 7 of the Quizzes found in this website: Follow the link to Quizzes then scroll down to the quizzes on Relationships and Sexuality or Personality sections. Please avoid using the Quizzes on Disorders and Symptoms since the emphasis in this class is on psychological well-being, not mental illness.

Psychological Well-Being Assessment

Psychological Well-Being Assessment

  • To begin your essay, state and highlight or indicate in italics or bold the titles of each of the self-assessments you took and briefly describe your results in terms of your reaction and how you see your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors coinciding with your scores. You may also address what surprised you about the findings. Be certain to provide a thorough discussion, as this part is worth 25% of your grade on the essay
  • Next, write an overall summary describing your insight into what the findings mean to you and what you learned about yourself in reference to your own psychological well-being. Again, please provide a thorough discussion, as this part is also worth another 25% of your grade on the essay.

Submit your Self-Assessment Project to the assignment folder. (This folder may be linked to Turnitin.)

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