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Transgender Rights and Healthcare

Transgender Rights and Healthcare

Sample Answer 

Transgender Rights and Healthcare

Question 1

The article describes the intention of the President to roll back all protections for transgender patients. It also describes how medical groups, healthcare advocates, civil rights associations and insurers have condemned this move, especially amid this global pandemic. The article has done a good job of expressing what these groups feel about the decision and has even quoted the comments of specific individuals regarding this matter. Different viewpoints have been expressed in ways that readers can clearly understand the opinions of different people.

Question 2

Transgender individuals might think that this new rule is not only unfair but also cruel, and it is not right in every sense of the word for the administration of President Trump to pull back their protections as patients just because of their sexuality. Equal access to healthcare is a fundamental human right, and they think that providers of healthcare have a duty to act in the best interest of every patient and be gentle and kind, but in this case, this might not be true for transgender people. As stated by Ms. Sepper in the article, this rule invites bad medicine and cruelty toward transgender patients.

Question 3

There is a good chance that this rule will be reversed in the future. The constitution protects the dignity of every human being in the United States, irrespective of their sexual preferences. The response to the ongoing global pandemic shows the same. All civil rights have been vigorously protected and enforced to the fullest extent by the laws passed by Congress. In addition, the Transgender Law Center promises to file a lawsuit against this rule and has stated that the rule puts up unnecessary barriers between the over two million transgender people in the country and the medical care and insurance coverage they need. This will affect Human Resources in terms of the eventual treatment of Trans people in the workforce. The healthcare services to Trans people in New York would not change because the federal Affordable Care Act and the New York City and State Human Rights Laws prohibit any discrimination against Transgender people. It is not legal to be denied treatment or discriminated against simply because they are transgender. The new ruling can change healthcare services in the United States because it could encourage a healthcare provider to refuse to offer any treatment to a transgender patient. Research by the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) states that one in three transgender patients in America experiences discrimination in the healthcare sector. Transgender advocates have stated that a lack of explicit protections can lead to hospitals refusing to perform gender-confirming procedures such as hysterectomies.


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Transgender Rights and Healthcare

Read Health Care Advocates Push Back Against Trump’s Erasure of Transgender Rights


Here are extra website that will help you understand this vulnerable group better.


    Transgender Rights and Healthcare

    Transgender Rights and Healthcare


If you can not open or read the article on the website, I had pasted the article (no pictures) below the questions.

Answer all questions below. When I ask you for your opinion, I will not judge you on your opinion but I will grade you based on how you prove the logic of your opinion. Number your answers and write in complete sentences.

Transgender Rights and Healthcare

Transgender Rights and Healthcare

  1. Write a paragraph of what you think about this article?
  2. What do you think transgender individuals think about this new rule? Explain your reasoning.
  3. Do you think this rule will be reversed in the future? How will this affect Human Resources? Explain your reasoning. Do you think this new rule will change health care services for transgender individuals in New York City? Explain your reasoning. Do you think this new rule will change health care services for transgender individuals in the United States? Explain your reasoning.

Write a total of 200-300 words or more for the paper, not per question.

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