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The Person and Paraprofessional

The Person and Paraprofessional

Sample Answer 

The Person and Paraprofessional

I have heard many different stories on how people enter the behavioral health field as a profession due to their personal experiences. I am one of those people with the story. I believe that personal experiences can shape our thinking professionally. In this essay, I will share the reasons that shaped my entry into this field and how they will affect how I handle my clients.

I have interacted with many therapists during my childhood since I had a dysfunctional family, so I attended many therapy sessions. I would not say I liked attending these meetings since  I  am an introvert who does not like sharing my personal stories. I feel like it is my burden to handle my issues alone. Behavioral health was my major when I attended college. Since a young age, I have always wanted to major in behavioral health. I saw how our therapist helped bring together our dysfunctional family, and I have always wanted to health people with psychological issues since then. After attending a few lessons in behavioral health, I was utterly in awe. I have become motivated to learn new methods and keep smiling at how I will have a perfect future job. I decided to take part in this major fully. I felt like it was my obligation to help people deal with their issues, just like I saw the counselor helping my family when I was young. With this experience that I am gaining, I will provide my clients with quality services that will benefit the patients.

When pursuing this field, I started remembering the experiences I had with my family’s therapist. I felt that  the only way I could do good for him was to help other people solve their issues in life., This reason for entering this field will greatly benefit my future clients because my family just used to. We sat in the therapist’s office, explaining everything that was going on in our lives. My future clients will observe that problems in life have solutions. I am enough evidence that shows that it is possible to overcome any obstacles in life. With my past rich experience in therapy sessions, I will be the best counselor for my clients.

My reason for becoming a therapist is that I can affect my future clients in both a positive and a negative way. Negatively, I may experience countertransference when dealing with clients who will have the same issues that I had in the past. Sigmund Freud developed the countertransference theory, and it can be described as a “largely unconscious phenomenon in which a person influences the psychologist’s emotions in therapy” (Jenks & Oka, 2020). It is essential to be aware of countertransference when it happens. This will ensure that the psychologist practices the beneficence ethical principle, and hence the therapist will not become biased. Any client in therapy who feels the therapist has countertransference should consider airing their concerns in therapy. Bringing up this issue might help resolve it. However, if the issue is not resolved, the client should find a new therapist. (Jenks & Oka, 2020).

The next point of discussion is how I will positively affect my patients. I would positively affect clients by ensuring they are comfortable when sharing their life struggles with me. This is very important since people have different personalities, and others may not be so forthcoming in sharing their issues with strangers. My main objective will be providing the client with amicable solutions for solving their life struggles. It is crucial to connect with the client emotionally. The therapist should make sure the clients focus on their issues, maintain privacy and confidentiality, organize simple structured therapy sessions and seek clarification if need be. These key points will allow a better connection with the client and will make them feel more comfortable. The therapist should make sure the client is the center of the therapy. He/she should encourage the client to share their thoughts, feelings, and actions without the fear of being. This can be accomplished by giving the patient a listening ear and saying very few words. The words the therapist says should be chosen carefully to avoid triggering the patient in the wrong way (Ratts & Greenleaf, 2018).

The principle of confidentiality should be maintained during therapy. It is very critical to develop trust with the client. If the client trusts you, he/she will be able to open up to the therapist. Without trust, the client will not be able to begin their journey towards healing (Ratts & Greenleaf, 2018). Finally, it is imperative to be organized in the way you conduct your sessions. The therapist should be orderly and have a system that works. The client should know the schedule, timing, and methods that will be used in therapy. This will make the therapist seem professional, and hence the clients will have more confidence in them.


Jenks, D. B., & Oka, M. (2020). Breaking Hearts: Ethically Handling Transference and Countertransference in Therapy. The American Journal of Family Therapy, 1-18.

Ratts, M. J., & Greenleaf, A. T. (2018). Counselor–advocate–scholar model: Changing the dominant discourse in counseling. Journal of Multicultural Counseling and Development46(2), 78-96.


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The Person and Paraprofessional

Write a 750-1,000-word paper in which you describe your reasons for going into the behavioral health field and discuss how ethics will influence your career as a paraprofessional.

Include the following in your paper:

The Person and Paraprofessional

The Person and Paraprofessional

  1. How might your reasons for entering the field be of benefit or detriment to your future clientele?
  2. How might your reasons influence the treatment of your clients both positively and negatively? Refer to the concepts of transference, countertransference, and the influence of your own assumptions in your essay.
  3. A minimum of two scholarly sources
    • Note: You may use first-person in your essay when needed. Remember to support your ideas with scholarly resources and document your sources accordingly.

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