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Nursing Assignment

Nursing Assignment

Sample Answer 

Nursing Assignment

Part 1

When solving problems, one can either use problem-solving or decision-making to devise a solution (Lassoued et al., 2020). Even though both strategies can help solve a problem, I prefer using decision-making. The decision-making model that I have frequently used in the past is the rational decision-making model. I always come up with different courses of action, which I thoroughly evaluate to make the best decision for most of the problems I face. When evaluating my choices before making decisions, I assess all the possible courses of action based on a set of criteria or parameters. For instance, evaluating the effects of the possible courses of action has made me make good decisions over the years.

However, I do not always analyze the possible courses of action before making decisions since sometimes I use the intuitive decision-making model. In the intuitive decision-making model, one makes decisions without conscious reasoning (Okoli & Watt, 2018). Experts who use this model to make decisions recognize patterns by scanning the environment for cues. Once they have recognized a pattern, they make decisions based on previous experience. Due to their knowledge, experience, and training, they are conversant with how a particular solution can work (Kaufmann et al., 2017). In my case, I have used the intuitive decision-making model severally to make decisions. For instance, I have always used the model to help my son get good grades at school. This is based on the approaches I used for my firstborn daughter. At one point, my son, who was always performing well in exams, started getting bad grades, and he could not explain why he was getting bad grades. I took time to understand where the problem was since he was waking up even earlier than before to study. However, after realizing that my firstborn daughter also had the same problem a few years ago, I decided to use the approach on him. I requested to meet him every day to discuss what he had been learning the whole day. From the discussions with him, I realized that he was not concentrating in class. Waking up earlier made him sleepy during lessons, and this made him perform poorly. I, therefore, solved this problem by asking him to wake up at the normal time just as I had told my daughter. This made him post better grades in the subsequent exams.

Last year I faced a problem in which I was to stay with my two nephews after my sister’s demise. The problem at that time was that my house was small and could not accommodate my two nephews and my family. Therefore, I needed to create more space to accommodate my family and nephews. When solving this problem, I chose to use the rational decision-making model to make a decision. My alternative options were buying a new house, building a new room using available space, or removing unnecessary things from the house to create space. I was forced to evaluate these alternatives based on time and cost. I then used weight-established criteria to generate a list of alternatives which I later evaluated. Based on the evaluation, I decided to buy a new house. This is a decision I made on my own without involving any experts. I did not need any expert when making the decision since I only needed to evaluate the time and cost of choosing one of the alternatives I had. Buying a new house was my best option since it would be less costly and it would take less time. To buy a new house, I was going to sell the one I was living in and look for a bigger house. This would require less time, and I only needed to add a little money on top of what I had gotten from selling the previous house to get a bigger one. I did not decide to remove unnecessary things from the house since I did not have anywhere to keep them, and this would be costly since I still needed everything in the house. Building a new room was also not the best option since the available space for building a new room was so small, and I would be required to purchase more space from my neighbors. This would be costly, and it would take a long time to convince my neighbors to sell me more space.


Kaufmann, L., Wagner, C. M., & Carter, C. R. (2017). Individual modes and patterns of rational and intuitive decision-making by purchasing managers. Journal of Purchasing and Supply Management, 23(2), 82–93.

Lassoued, K., Awad, A., & Guirat, R. Ben. (2020). The impact of managerial empowerment on problem solving and decision making skills: The case of Abu Dhabi University. Management Science Letters, 10(4), 769–780.

Okoli, J., & Watt, J. (2018). Crisis decision-making: the overlap between intuitive and analytical strategies. Management Decision, 56(5), 1122–1134.


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Nursing Assignment

Part 1

do you typically use problem solving or decision making to solve problems? Have you ever used an intuitive model model? Think of critical decision that you have made in the last year? Describe what theoretical model , if any , you used to assist you in the process. Did you enlist the help of other experts in solving this problem?

Nursing Assignment

Nursing Assignment

1 page
*3 references academia standard peer-reviewed less than 5 years.
Part 2
identify common internal and external time wasters as well as interventions that can be taken to reduce their impact. Identify time wasters you have noted in your own organization and how they have impacted you within your role. Discuss time management practices you use in your role as a student.
1 page
*3 references academia standard peer-reviewed less than 5 years. 
Part 3

Describe the impact of a career development program on employee attrition, equal employment opportunity, quality of work life and competitiveness of the organization. Rate your organization’s career development program and describe its weaknesses/strengths and the subsequent impact on its workforce.

1 page
*3 references academia standard peer-reviewed less than 5 years. 

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