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Multidimensional Care for Sarah

Multidimensional Care for Sarah

Sample Answer 

Multidimensional Care for Sarah

What potential problems can occur based on the above findings?

The potential problems can be cardiac arrest, exacerbation of COPD, hypoxia, bilateral pneumonia, decreased oxygen levels and increased carbon dioxide, respiratory failure due to pleural effusion, lung abscess, heart failure, and kidney failure.

How would you provide multidimensional care for Sarah?

Sarah should be investigated for pneumonia. The following tests should be done, a Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (CMP). An Electrocardiogram to assess the functioning of the heart. A Computer Topography scan should also be done to visualize the coronary vessels. The patient should be given a cough suppressant to manage the cough (Martinak et al., 2017). Sarah should be given Ceftriaxone and Azithromycin to manage bilateral pneumonia (Chapman et al., 2016). Hydration of the patient should be maintained. The nurse should monitor for diarrhea, which is a side effect of antibiotics. The nurse should also encourage handwashing techniques. The nurse will encourage the patient to rest, and assessments for chest movements will be done. It is essential to take extra precautions during the pandemic—examples of these precautions include using personal protective equipment and handwashing techniques.

Describe the roles of other departments in Sarah’s treatment plan.

Internal Medicine will help in diagnosing and initiating treatment. The radiology department will be useful in conducting imaging tests. Surgery will be involved in draining the fluid that is causing pleural effusion. Microbiology will help assess for septicemia, and Biochemistry will assess urine sugar levels and other liver function tests such as AST and ALT (Webster, Webster & Grimes, 2017).


Chapman, B. C., Herbert, B., Rodil, M., Salotto, J., Stovall, R. T., Biffl, W., … & Pieracci, F. M. (2016). RibScore: a novel radiographic score based on fracture pattern that predicts pneumonia, respiratory failure, and tracheostomy. Journal of Trauma and Acute Care Surgery80(1), 95-101.

Martinak, B., Bolis, R. A., Black, J. R., Fargason, R. E., & Birur, B. (2017). Dextromethorphan in cough syrup: the poor man’s psychosis. Psychopharmacology bulletin47(4), 59.

Webster, G. F., Webster, T. G., & Grimes, L. R. (2017). Laboratory tests in patients treated with isotretinoin: occurrence of liver and muscle abnormalities and failure of AST and ALT to predict liver abnormality.


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Multidimensional Care for Sarah

Sarah is a 69-year old female that presented to the emergency department with shortness of breath. Her past medical history includes heart failure and COPD. Her pulse oximetry on room air is 82%. You notify the provider, and he orders oxygen at 2 L via nasal canula NC. Sarah’s chest x-ray reveals bilateral pneumonia. Her arterial blood gas result are below:

  • pH: 7.30
  • PaCO2: 58 mm Hg
  • PaO2: 78 mm Hg
  • HCO3: 26 mEq/L

Sarah is admitted to a general medical floor. You are the nurse assigned to Sarah.

  1. What potential problems can occur based on the above findings?

    Multidimensional Care for Sarah

    Multidimensional Care for Sarah

  2. How would you provide multidimensional care for Sarah?
  3. Describe the roles of other departments in Sarah’s treatment plan.

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