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Daily Stress and How to Reduce It.

Daily Stress and How to Reduce It.

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Daily Stress and How to Reduce It.

Stress occurs when a person is unable to cope with pressures from certain life events. It arises from how people appraise life events rather than from the events themselves. A life stressor of one person can fail to elicit the same response from another person. Biological processes resulting from stress differ based on an individual’s unique physiology. Psychological influences determine whether a person will appraise an event as manageable or unmanageable. This is based on people’s life experiences and their personalities. Furthermore, sociocultural influences also determine how people respond to a certain life event. Stress manifests as emotional changes such as anxiety and fear, and behavioral changes such as withdrawal. Bodily changes such as perspiration can also occur.

The major sources of stress in my life are financial hardships and the loss of a close friend or relative. Money is needed for my daily upkeep and payment of rent every month. In addition to my studies, I have to perform daily hustles and raise money to sustain myself. Failure to do so leads to the accumulation of debts and the risk of being ejected from my rented apartment. Financial trouble is the most significant stressor in my life. The other stressor is the death of a friend or relative. This usually causes emotional stress such as depression, sorrowfulness, and anger. The emotional changes are due to the strong bond that had been established with the friends and relatives. Furthermore, I have to adapt and learn to live without them, an aspect that takes a long time.

The first resource that helps to reduce personal stress is seeking social support. Social support entails receiving emotional concern, material support, and genuine feedback from other people (Straub, 2014). Emotional concern can be very useful, particularly after the loss of a friend or relative. It reduces depression, sorrowfulness, and anger and facilitates effective coping with the stressor. Social support also involves material support. This can be very important in the event of financial hardships. Material support can be monetary, in the form of food or clothing. This can prove to be very important in tackling financial problems.

The second helpful resource is hardiness. Hardiness requires a person to be committed, view life events as challenges rather than threats, and have control over life events (Straub, 2014). When an event is considered a challenge rather than a threat, a person can easily overcome it by remaining focused and putting in more effort. In the wake of financial hardships, commitment should be upheld. This can be demonstrated by working over the weekends or increasing the work shift hours. This will be rewarded by higher pay, a solution to the financial problems. Hardiness creates resilience, the ability to handle stressors and adapt to changing environmental demands.

The other useful resource is spirituality. It takes the form of prayer, belief in a higher power, and religious observance. It is very important in stress management and for mental health. It can be very useful in the stress emanating from the loss of a friend or relative. It helps to create a sense of purpose, establish a support network, and release control (Schulz, 2020). It makes a person realize that he or she is not responsible for all the life events and creates inner peace during stressful events. When people uncover their spirituality and cultivate it, they can cope with stress and lead healthier lives.

The other resource is the use of relaxation techniques and visualization. Relaxation techniques such as progressive muscle relaxation and relaxation response are used in stress management (Straub, 2014). In relaxation response, a meditative state is used to slow metabolism and lower blood pressure. It requires a quiet place, a comfortable position, focusing attention on a single thought, and a nonjudgmental attitude (Holman et al., 2018). These relaxation techniques help to reduce tension and anxiety associated with stressors such as financial hardships. Visualization involves creating peaceful images in an individual’s mind. In guided imagery, a person is directed to create a pleasant, relaxing image (Straub, 2014). This can be useful when tackling sorrowfulness and depression associated with the loss of a friend or loved one.

Life stressors differ from one person to another. It is important to establish coping interventions in the event of stress. Some of the techniques that can be used to handle stress include social support, assuming hardiness, spirituality, and the use of relaxation techniques. Affected persons should select the most appropriate technique to mitigate their stress.


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Daily Stress and How to Reduce It.

Analyze two major sources of stress in your life. Then, identify resources we discussed this week that you find to be helpful in reducing personal stress.

Daily Stress and How to Reduce It.

Daily Stress and How to Reduce It.

Be sure to appropriately cite the text or other sources used in your response.
Your response should be at least 350 words
Textbook – Straub, R. (2014). Health Psychology: A Biopsychosocial Approach, 4th Edition. Retrieved from…

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