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Week 3 Discussion and Responses

Week 3 Discussion and Responses

Sample Answer 

Week 3 Discussion and Responses

Discussion: Social Media Discussion Population Health Problems – Problem of Opioid Use Diagnosis in Haverstraw, New York

My village is Haverstraw, a small area in Rockland Country, New York. According to the 2018 U.S. Census Bureau report, Haverstraw has a population of nearly 37,049 people and comprises Latino/Hispanics (46.4%), whites (34.8%), African Americans (14.8%), Asians (4.5%), American Indian (0.2%), and others (5.5%). One of the leading nursing issues in Haverstraw is increased opioid use, especially among adolescents. New York is estimated to have a 13 percent drug overdose-related death rate annually. Opioid use in New York is estimated to stand at 0.6 percent against the national average of 0.8 percent (SAMHSA, 2019). In Rockland alone, approximately 38 drug-related deaths were reported in 2018, a drop from 40 in 2016 and 2017 (Lyon, 2019). The increase in opioid use in Haverstraw, Rockland, is primarily due to a lack of sufficient knowledge among adolescents about the short-term and long-term effects of opioids. Most substance abuse screening, prevention, and treatment efforts and programs are focused mainly on alcohol, tobacco, and other hard drugs, such as heroin, marijuana, and cocaine.

The Rockland County Administration is one of the key government institutions tackling the problem of opioid use among adolescents in the region. In 2019, Ed Day, the county executive, signed a resolution to authorize litigation against companies involved in manufacturing prescription drugs, including opioids. Ed Day wrote in 2019 that they expect responsibility “companies to pay for the damage, death, and destruction…brought to the communities” (Lyon, 2019). This step will ensure that these manufacturers are not only brought to book but also will guarantee the deterrence of other companies or individuals intending to engage in the production and supply of prescription drugs in Haverstraw and the entire Rockland County. The Rockland Administration has also partnered with local health institutions (including the Department of Health, the Department of Mental Health, and many others) to ensure the public is informed.

There are so many ways in which a community health nurse can collaborate with the Rockland County Administration (as well as its partners, including the Department of Health) to address the problem of opioid abuse among adolescents in Haverstraw. Most importantly, the nurse can assist in educating the community (adolescents) about the impacts of opioid use (including addiction, incarceration, and school dropout rate) as well as assist them in seeking treatment (Nies & McEwen, 2019). The nurse can also play an important role in identifying, reducing, and preventing opioid abuse, use, and addiction using the SBIRT (Screening, Brief Intervention, and Referral to Treatment) model (Strobbe, Perhats, & Broyles, 2013; SBIRT Education, 2015). This includes collaborating with local healthcare institutions in advocacy, education, and training of teenagers on ways they can seek help.


Let’s fight opioid use in Haverstraw as a team and help save our youths from dropping out of school, drug-overdose deaths, and dependence. #CURNBSN_ComHlth # KeepingHaverstrawOpioidFree #BuildingaSaferCommunity.


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Responding to Gresyl Soler

Hello Gresyl,

Great work with your post! You have clearly identified the target population (South Bronx), the drug abuse problem (increased number of high school students using injection drugs like heroin), the key organization involved in the management of the health problem (St. Ann’s Harm), as well as how a community nurse can help the institution. I agree with you; a majority of high-school-going children, especially in low-income neighborhoods or communities like South Bronx, have at one point tried injection drugs like heroin, alcohol, tobacco smoking, or sometimes prescription drugs. As you opine, healthcare organizations like St. Ann’s Harm are today playing a vital role in curbing the problem, especially through key programs like Needle Exchange, Wellness Therapy, Meals Programs, as well as Counseling Services. Specifically, the Needle Exchange Program is critical in reducing the spread of diseases like HIV (Nies & McEwen, 2019). Finally, I feel you are correct in suggesting that a community nurse can collaborate with this organization through referrals, which should be a two-way process (SBIRT Education, 2015).


Nies, M. A., & McEwen, M. (2019). Community/Public health nursing: Promoting the health of populations (7th ed.). Saunders/Elsevier.

SBIRT Education. (2015, May 10). Overview of SBIRT: a nursing response to the full spectrum of substance use [Video File]. YouTube.

Responding to Clara Engelhart

Hello Clara,

Great work with your post! You have done an incredible job exploring the relationship between child drug abuse and the novel coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic. Indeed, it is true that the stress and agitation associated with COVID-19 can push children to substance abuse, especially self-isolation, quarantine, or losing loved ones to the disease. Besides, I believe other factors that might be pulling kids into drugs today are poverty and peer pressure (Nies & McEwen, 2019). As you suggest, drug abuse among kids is a global problem, and stringent measures are needed to curb the menace, whether through assessment, diagnosis, prevention, rehabilitation, or treatment. Personally, I think your choice of the National Child Abuse Hotline is warranted because it offers information, referral, and intervention services on a 24-hour routine all seven days a week (Childhelp, n.d.). A community nurse can also help in the course of this hotline by collaborating with the agency by collecting and reporting abuse incidents. Finally, I sincerely believe your Tweet is important in helping the organization achieve its mission because of its call-to-action nature.


Childhelp. (n.d.). The Childhelp national child abuse hotline.

Nies, M. A., & McEwen, M. (2019). Community/Public health nursing: Promoting the health of populations (7th ed.). Saunders/Elsevier.


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Week 3 Discussion and Responses

Hello Class,

This week we will focus on Course Outcome:

  • CO5: Utilize a collaborative approach to address factors that influence population health (PO2)

    Week 3 Discussion and Responses

    Week 3 Discussion and Responses

Our discussion this week will have us researching our communities as well as utilizing social media. You may use data and/or resources from your Direct Care Project Part 1: Assessment and Diagnosis assignment or find new. You will notice a Twitter feed in our course. If you are not familiar with Twitter, I encourage you to review and go to the actual Twitter feed—there is a link at the bottom. You are not required to have a Twitter account or post Tweet in Twitter but are welcome to if you have your own personal account.

I am looking forward to our engaging discussion!

Please Read the rubric and write the discussion and then respond to two classmates posts.

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