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Mental Health

Mental Health

Sample Answer 

Mental Health

Impact of Chronic Illness


Efficient patient care needs a multi-disciplinary team’s collaborative efforts to meet patients’ ever-changing needs. There are many resources and interventions that healthcare givers use to meet the healthcare needs of a patient. The caregiver must promptly prioritize the patient’s health requirements to deal with the most urgent needs. Nurse practitioners have an essential role to play in meeting healthcare needs.

Support Needs

This interview led to the discovery of needs that require a prompt address by the caregiver. The support needs have to be addressed to make sure that the patient has a good quality of life. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) negatively impacts the patient‘s physical and mental health, relationships, and work. The patient feels isolated and has problems maintaining employment. The patient has difficulty trusting people and cannot express his emotions well. He cannot be able to trust other people and has difficulty controlling or expressing his emotions. Based on the interview conducted, the patient’s support needs, starting from the most pressing descending downwards, are self-care, psychosocial therapy, drug therapy, and financial needs.


The interview revealed that the patient experienced psychosocial disruption. He no longer eats, showers, or performs simple life chores. The patient is avoiding things, people, and any experiences that reminds him of his deceased parents. The patient has reduced interest in his favorite activities, such as skating, and is also living in isolation.


The patient needs support from behavioral therapists. The nurse practitioner will refer him to a behavioral therapist who will put measures into place to help this patient get up on his feet and move on with his life. The caregiver will also counsel the patients on the importance of eating and maintaining hygiene since this would prevent other illnesses.

Psychosocial therapy

The patient has PTSD. This is because he lost his parents in a tragic road accident. He has symptoms such as avoidance, dissociative amnesia, and aggressive behavior. He also has suicidal ideations and alcoholism.


Psychotherapy has been proven to be useful in the management of PTSD. I will refer the patient to a psychotherapist who will use cognitive behavioral therapy, family therapy, and group therapy to equip the patient with coping skills to help manage and alleviate his symptoms (Dauphin, 2020).

Drug therapy.

The patient has been diagnosed with PTSD and has avoidance, dissociative amnesia, and aggressive behavior. He also has suicidal ideations and alcoholism. He will need to be put on drug therapy.


Drug therapy, when used with psychosocial therapy, is beneficial in the management of PTSD. Many drugs, such as SSRIs, SNRIs, MAOI, and Benzodiazepines, are useful in treating PTSD (Dauphin, 2020). I will prescribe the patient Fluoxetine 20mg, which will be taken every night; This will help the patient lessen the symptoms, strengthen resilience, and restore function.

Financial needs

The patient has issues with money, as evidenced by him not being able to complete his studies.


I will advise the patient to seek employment that would help him get some finances to pay his fees. I will also talk with his uncle to see if he can help him and maybe ask his other relatives and friends to provide financial support to the patient.

Implementation of Healthy People 2020 Wellness Objectives

Healthy People 2020 wellness objectives aim to ensure that individuals are energetic and able to carry out their day-to-day activities. These objectives focus on people’s physical, mental, and social well-being. Physical well-being can be defined as feeling healthy and energetic. Mental well-being is associated with the feeling of satisfaction and balancing positive and negative emotions. Social well-being mainly describes receiving and providing support from family, friends, and others (Finney Rutten et al., 2019)

Thus, implementing healthy people 2020 wellness objectives requires collaboration among all stakeholders. The stakeholders will help to ensure patients receive help in meeting their needs. Thus, implementing the objectives of Healthy People 2020 will involve the assessment and evaluation of the needs of patients and develop patient-specific care plans. The care plans will be tailor-made to address individual patients’ particular symptoms and clinical manifestations.

After creating a care plan, I will identify the person responsible for achieving the care plan’s actions and set a timeline for meeting the objectives planned. I will make sure that all healthcare givers in the multi-disciplinary team are on board with the plan. I will outline everyone’s responsibilities and bring in new caregivers when the need arises. I will also consult with team members and put their concerns into consideration. I will then develop a communication plan to assess the progress of the care plan’s set objectives.

Role of a nurse as an advocate for participant acceptance of diagnosis and treatment

A nurse can act as an advocate for the patient. Nurses are in a position to help patients make informed decisions concerning their health. A nurse can help patients navigate complex medical systems, translate medical terms for their patients and guide them in making ethical decisions (Gerber, 2018).

A nurse can aid patients in navigating complex medical systems. Nurses can educate patients concerning tests and procedures ordered. They should know how culture and ethnicity affect the patient’s decision-making while adhering to federal privacy laws. They must perform their advocacy role with compassion. They should consider individual factors such as socioeconomic status, the patient’s attributes, and the nature of health problems, which can help the patient accept his/her diagnosis and treatment.

Nurses must ensure that the patient is their main priority. He/she should put their feelings and preferences aside and care about the patient’s needs, not their own. Nurses know several resources within the communities or organizations that can aid patients with difficulties paying for healthcare services. Nurses can help patients by researching drug and diagnostic cost-saving measures. This can help the patient accept the diagnosis and treatment since it will not have bearing cost implications

Impact of the environment on patient’s health.

Healthcare system

Patients have the choice of choosing healthcare settings and providers. Patients prefer seeing specialists since they have low medical tariffs. Medical insurance companies are also affordable premiums for specialists. This will result in medical consultants being overwhelmed by patients, compromising the quality of care. The patient may lack trust in healthcare givers, which may influence their health-seeking behavior (Donkin, Goldblatt, Allen,  Nathanson & Marmot, 2018).

Resources and facilities

Availability of resources can affect the quality of medical care, which can then influence social health. Insufficient infrastructure, faulty equipment, and lack of proper resources, such as inadequate medical personnel, will affect the patient’s health (Donkin et al., 2018).

Collaboration and partnership development

Practitioners must have adequate support services to offer quality care. They must work together in a multi-disciplinary team to enable them to improve the patient’s health. Communication between the different health professionals should be done in a manner that does not promote unprofessionalism since this can affect the team’s cohesiveness and harm the care plan (Donkin et al., 2018).


Dauphin, V. B. (2020). A critique of the American Psychological Association Clinical Practice Guideline for the Treatment of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) in Adults. Psychoanalytic Psychology37(2), 117.

Donkin, A., Goldblatt, P., Allen, J., Nathanson, V., & Marmot, M. (2018). Global action on the social determinants of health. BMJ global health3(Suppl 1), e000603.

Finney Rutten, L. J., Blake, K. D., Greenberg-Worisek, A. J., Allen, S. V., Moser, R. P., & Hesse, B. W. (2019). Online health information seeking among US adults: measuring progress toward a healthy people 2020 objective. Public Health Reports134(6), 617-625.

Gerber, L. (2018). Understanding the nurse’s role as a patient advocate. Nursing202048(4), 55-58.


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Mental Health

In a Microsoft Word document of 4-5 pages formatted in APA style, describe the information collected about a person with a chronic illness. Please note that the title and reference pages should not be included in the total page count of your paper.

Using the information from the interview you conducted in Week 2 (Check the appendix for the interview responses):

Mental Health

Mental Health

  1. List the support needs of your participant beginning with the highest priority and then in descending order.
  2. Provide examples of appropriate interventions of the professional caregiver, for example, the nurse.
  3. Discuss how to implement objectives of Healthy People 2020 to increase wellness.
  4. Discuss nursing’s role as an advocate for participant acceptance of diagnosis and treatment.
  5. Discuss the impact of the environment on patient’s health.
    • Include social determinants that impact care.

Support your responses with examples and information from library resources, textbook and lectures.

On a separate references page, cite all sources using APA format. Helpful APA guides and resources are available in the South University Online Library. Below are guides that are located in the library and can be accessed and downloaded via the South University Online Citation Resources: APA Style page. The American Psychological Association website also provides detailed guidance on formatting, citations, and references in APA Style.

• APA Citation Helper
• APA Citations Quick Sheet
• APA-Style Formatting Guidelines for a Written Essay
• Basic Essay Template

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