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Analyzing Client Care Needs in a Real-world Setting

Analyzing Client Care Needs in a Real-world Setting

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Analyzing Client Care Needs in a Real-world Setting


Case management involves providing quality solutions tailor-made to a client’s specific healthcare and individual needs (Frankel, Gelman & Pastor, 2018). It is meant to be tailor-made to the client to manage their unique needs on their timeline. Case management also helps with searching for employment, solving transportation issues, and community involvement. It involves assessing, planning, implementing, and evaluating to meet the client’s needs.

Case managers are health caregivers working with the aim of t bettering their clients’ lives and individual needs (Frankel, Gelman & Pastor, 2018). Case managers work with clients, their families, and community members and collaborate with other healthcare givers to address their client’s needs.

Identify at least four potential case management needs for Jackson

Jackson’s potential case management needs include substance abuse since he had marijuana and opioid addiction and was also an alcoholic (medical needs). He had no social support network, and his girlfriend had dumped him (emotional needs). He lost his job and was homeless (financial needs). He had psychosocial needs since he did care about his life, had depression, and was hopeless. He had behavioral needs since he stole from his brother and wiped out his bank account. This was irresponsible behavior.

Assess the needs according to priority explaining which ones are immediate, mid-term, and long-range.

The patient’s case management needs can be categorized into short-term, intermediate, and long-term needs. The short-term management needs for Jackson will be financial needs. Jackson currently does not have a job, and he is living on the treats and wiped out all of the money in his account. This is the most immediate need that should be solved. The therapist will advise Jackson to start looking for a job to have a stream of income. This will enable him to start replenishing his account. He will find an apartment to live in since he will have money for rent.

The Intermediate needs for this patient will be the psychosocial needs. The patient was depressed because he did not care about his life, and he had a sense of hopelessness. The case manager will enroll the client in therapy sessions. Appropriate techniques such as Cognitive Behavioral therapy, will be used in helping this client overcome his problems. He can be put in individual or group therapy. Behavioral needs would also be categorized as intermediate needs. The patient will be advised on responsible behavior. He will be advised on proper ways of managing his money and the consequences of possessing illicit drugs.

The long-term needs of this client would be emotional. Due to his behavior, his girlfriend dumped him, and he had no friends. He lost his social support network. The client will be advised to reconnect with the social support network and apologize that he was wrong. These people may or may not accept him back. He should also establish himself and start forming meaningful friendships and intimate relationships. This will ensure that he has people to lean on.

The other long need for this patient would be substance abuse. The patient has an addiction to opioids and marijuana. He was also an alcoholic. The patient will be put on rehabilitative services, which will help in recovery from this problem. He can also be put on pharmacotherapy treatment, which has been proven useful in managing substance abuse.

Explain how this goal will help him to build critical life skills that will complement his addiction treatment.

Getting employment helps promote a drug-free lifestyle by improving their work-specific skills, punctuality, and positive behaviors necessary to maintain active employment. These goals will increase the client’s motivation for change, providing rewards for progress, acquiring necessary life skills to resist drug abuse, and replacing activities that involve drug usage with positive, constructive activities. It would also help him improve his problem-solving skills and facilitate him to form better personal relationships. All this will complement his treatment of addiction problems.

Predict at least two obstacles that Jackson might face in getting his needs met.

Jackson may not see the need for treatment of his addiction problems. Despite his negative lifestyle choices and the emotional and financial implications, he may not realize that his life is at stake. He may fail to recognize the severity of his addiction. Jackson may find it hard to stop using. He will try to excuse himself from the conversation of drug rehabilitation services, and he will let addiction control his priorities. He may let addiction control his life, and hence it may be hard to stop using. Jackson may not have health insurance or have the money to cover his treatment costs. He may not be able to afford quality care. Hence he may shun away from the treatment.

Addiction undoubtedly carries a stigma (Matthews, Dwyer & Snoek, 2017). This stigma will carry a heavy weight on the shoulders of Jackson. He may fail to seek addiction treatment due to fear of what others will say about him. He may not want to be wrongly looked at, punished, or judged but supported in this recovery process. Unfortunately, this stigma will prevent him from moving past addiction ultimately. Jackson may have negative social support. He may be afraid that he will lose his friends if he goes for treatment. His friends may also advise him not to go for treatment. His family members may be ashamed of him if he goes for treatment.

Propose two strategies for working around those obstacles.

Educating Jackson and his family members about addiction and recovery

The case manager will provide information concerning the disease process of addiction and stages of addiction, indications of relapse, early relapse signs, effects of addiction on relationships, and sourcing for resources necessary (Ventura & Bagley, 2017). Case managers need to inform Jackson’s family members and close friends that they should not sabotage the treatment. Family members will be advised on supporting the client during the recovery process and means of ceasing enabling behaviors.

Behavioral Contracts

This contract defines the management goals, the incentives for meeting the goals, and the consequences of breaking the contract(Stewart et al., 2018). The case manager will involve Jackson in the contract writing and encourage them to write the contract using their words. The contract will aid Jackson in his commitment to abstaining from drug abuse. The case manager will focus more on incentives other than sanctions. The sanctions should be applied as rapidly as possible. Conclusively, case managers should ensure that their clients have the resources required to meet their goals and objectives. As healthcare givers, they must strive to be their client’s advocates.


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Analyzing Client Care Needs in a Real-world Setting

PS450-2: Analyze client care needs in a real-world setting.
To analyze client needs, case managers use self-report data from client interviews. In this assignment, you will practice creating an analysis of a hypothetical client that includes an assessment of obstacles to service and strategies to reduce those obstacles in a 4–5 page expository essay.

Complete the learning activity to prepare for this week’s assignment.

Listen to Jackson’s Story (transcript) – Attached

Analyzing Client Care Needs in a Real-world Setting

Analyzing Client Care Needs in a Real-world Setting

Include the following in your analysis:

  1. Identify at least four potential case management needs for Jackson.
  2. Assess the needs according to priority explaining which ones are immediate, mid-term, and long range.
  3. Explain how this goal will help him to build critical life skills that will complement his addiction treatment.
  4. Predict at least two obstacles that Jackson might face in getting his needs met.
  5. Propose two strategies for working around those obstacles.

The assignment should:

  • Utilize a minimum of three peer-reviewed sources outside of your textbook to support your paper.
  • Follow Assignment directions (review grading rubric for best results).
  • Use correct APA formatting per the current APA Publication Manual.
  • Demonstrate college-level communication through the composition of original materials in Standard English.
  • Be written in Standard English and be clear, specific, and error-free.

Your paper should include:

  • Title Page
  • Main Body of the paper
  • Reference Page
  • 4–5 Pages in length

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