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Health Promotion Strategies and Resources

Health Promotion Strategies and Resources

Sample Answer 

Health Promotion Strategies and Resources

Video 1: MaquilapolisPromotoras

This video highlights the pollution of the natural environment in Tijuana. Using the river, which was once clean, the narrators and residents are able to create a real picture of the extent of the damage. The factories within the area are responsible for environmental pollution. The residents highlight the past days when they could touch the river’s water and enjoy its presence. However, the situation is different today as their children cannot play or bathe in the river. The residents suffer from nasal congestion, skin problems, and foot sores, which are caused by the contaminants. As former factory employees, the women are aware of their rights and seek to speak out against the industrial ill (Citizen Film, 2010).

Video 2: Las Promotoras: Kaiser Permanente Helps Latino Families Access Health Care

In this video, the main themes include access to health, physical fitness, and lifestyle diseases. Through Kaiser Permanente, Latinos are able to access healthcare easily. Incorporating physical exercises in the form of Zumba is critical in battling the lifestyle diseasesost beneficiaries suffer from, such as Diabetes (Kaiser Permanente Thrive, 2010). The community has accepted the initiative and enrolled in the physical fitness sessions.

What health issues and services do the promotoras in the videos address?

The promotoras address varied issues in both videos. In the first video, the promotoras, who are the residents, address environmental pollution, women rights and act as activists against harmful industrial actions that endanger the community’s health. In the second video, the promotoras address access to health among minority communities that may be disadvantaged. They also address health conditions that may affect Latino communities disproportionately through physical fitness. The lifestyle conditions include diabetes. Besides easing access to these communities, the promotoras also create awareness through health education.

Do you think the promotora model is successful? Please explain.

The promotora model is successful due to various reasons. Firstly, the use of community members to reach out to the minority groups as a promotor eases the program’s acceptance in the community. Secondly, the promotoras understand the challenges the programs seek to address and are in a position to communicate with the potential beneficiaries effectively. Thirdly, the enrollment of the minority group members into various aspects of the program, such as Zumba fitness sessions, demonstrates a positive attitude towards the programs. Finally, the ability of other members of the community to showcase the program’s benefits is sufficient to convince other individuals.

Which aspects of community organizing does the promotora model address?

The promotora model addresses the participation of community members and significant impact. The use of promotoras allows different communities to access services that may seem out of reach due to their complexity (Center for the Study of Social Policy, 2019). Using the community members enhances promotion of health as individuals subscribe to join these programs. This participation results in a significant impact, which positively affects the lives of participants.

What other cultures and what other Healthy People 2030 leading health indicators could this model be used for?

The model could be used to benefit the Hispanic and African-American communities. The Healthy People 2030 health indicators that can be addressed using the models include substance abuse among adolescents and adults, reproductive and sexual health, mental health, maternal infant and child health, nutrition, physical activity, and obesity, as well as injury and violence (CDC, 2019). Individuals affected by these indicators could benefit from the model due to the stigma, assumed or actual, associated with seeking help from organizations.


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Health Promotion Strategies and Resources

Case Assignment
Please watch at least two of the brief videos linked in the background info (See attached). Write an essay that includes the following:

  • Tell me which 2 videos you watched. Briefly explain the main themes of each video.

    Health Promotion Strategies and Resources

    Health Promotion Strategies and Resources

  • What health issues and services do the promotor as in the videos address?
  • Do you think the promotor a model is successful? Please explain.
  • Which aspects of community organizing does the promotora model address?
  • What other cultures and what other Healthy People 2030 leading health indicators could this model be used for?

Assignment Expectations
Length: 2 pages

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