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Role of Health Professionals

Role of Health Professionals

Sample Answer 

Role of Health Professionals

Pharmacy technicians perform several tasks in the pharmacy, such as information verification, medication preparation, labeling and packaging, and the completion and maintenance of pharmacy records. Technicians have access to highly sensitive information such as patient information and medications, at their disposal, and hence, they are expected to ensure that such information is not used illegally or abused. The American Association of Pharmacy Technicians (AAPT) oversees the sensitivity of the work nature. The AAPT provides guidelines on what comprises appropriate behavior and is discussed in the AAPT code of ethics (Bachenheimer, 2010). The code of ethics describes the manner in which pharmacy technicians need to interact ethically with healthcare professionals, co-workers, and patients. Pharmacy technicians are regulated by their individual states, and the technicians are expected to seek certification as well as register in their specific state.

Provide an overview of the Code of Ethics that you have chosen. What are some of the major areas that are covered? Why are these important to the profession?

The AAPT code of ethics is founded on seven principles that express central values to the pharmacy professionals’ identity. The first principle is making the care of patients a top priority. The well-being and care of individual patients as well as that of the public, are at the core of daily practice and must be the priority and continuous concern of the technician. The second code is exercising professional judgment in the public and patient interest. A pharmacist must balance the individual’s requirement and that of the society and manage obligations and priorities that compete against each other. The pharmacist needs to take into account the financial constraints, targets, and guidelines without comprising the ability to make a professional judgment that is informed on what is appropriate for a patient with a specific situation. The third principle is showing respect for others. Respecting the rights, views, and dignity of others is the basis of forming professional relationships with colleagues, patients, and their caregivers. The fourth is encouraging patients to participate in the decision-making process regarding the care they would like to receive. For patient-centred care to be successful, it calls for open and honest communication and the pharmacist technician’s ability to identify the patient’s needs. The fifth code is the development of an individual’s professional competence and knowledge. In addition to registration, a technician needs to ensure that the performance, skills, and knowledge are high quality, relevant and up-to-date throughout the career. The sixth code is on trustworthiness and honesty, where the technician ought to behave in a manner that justifies trust and maintains the profession’s reputation. The last code is taking responsibility for working practices. When a technician is working in a team, they ought to take responsibility for their individual behavior and decisions and any work that may be under their supervision.

Are there areas that you think are missing and relevant to the profession? 

Unlike the nursing code of ethics that points out that a nurse should collaborate with other professionals in the healthcare field as well as with the public in the protection of human rights, promotion of health diplomacy, and the reduction of health disparities, the AAPT does not cover this very important area (Olson & Stokes, 2016). Pharmaceutical technicians should be part of larger teams that work on reducing health disparities. For example, in the recent wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, racial inequalities were observed where minorities were more likely to die from the disease compared to their white counterparts (Iserson, 2020). Pharmacists and technicians are on the frontline of care because of the relationships they have with customers. People tend to see more of their pharmacists compared to their doctors. Hence, pharmacists can conduct outreach services to minorities and ensure that no one is left behind in the COVID vaccination program (Coppock, 2020).

Are any of the ethical principles discussed earlier in the course mentioned in the Code of Ethics? 

Yes, for example, putting the patient first is a priority and should be observed at all times. Another of the ethics mentioned is personal integrity and promoting the same at the workplace. Pharmacists are encouraged to create an ethical work environment by being ethical themselves. There is also the area of self-improvement regarding continuous education, where a professional pharmacist or pharmacy technician is expected to be open to learning new information, such as new technologies available at the market, which can ease the service delivery. Another area is the involvement of patients in their own care. Patient-centred care has been shown to improve patient outcomes and reduce costs for healthcare facilities.

Why is it important for all health professionals to have a Code of Ethics

Ethics are defined as the moral principles that govern an individual or group of individuals in how they behave or conduct themselves (Mizzoni, 2017). The focus of ethics pertains to the actions that are right or wrong and encompasses the process of decision making in determining the ultimate consequence when the actions are taken. Every individual has personal sets of morals and ethics (Mizzoni, 2017). Within the healthcare industry, ethics play an important role in helping workers recognize the dilemmas in healthcare and make decisions and judgments based on the values while keeping with the governing laws. Healthcare professionals should know and apply their respective codes of ethics as well as be aware of their individual moral character and integrity. Professionals must remain true to caring for their patients while simultaneously advocating for the rights of patients to cultural norms and self-identifying. Though challenging, the ethical considerations through the code of ethics represent a true integration of patient care and art. Professionals have a responsibility to the patients, the profession, and to themselves in maintaining the highest principles of ethics, and the codes of ethics help them remain on this track.


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Role of Health Professionals

Case Assignment
All health and allied health professions have a Code of Ethics that is designed to guide those within the field. For this assignment, if you work in an allied-health field, please locate your professional Code of Ethics. If not, please choose a Code of Ethics from the Optional Reading. 

I do work as a Pharmacy tech at a call center!

  1. Provide an overview of the Code of Ethics that you have chosen. What are some of the major areas that are covered? Why are these important to the profession?
  2. Are there areas that you think are missing and relevant to the profession? Explain why or why not. This should not be opinion but should be supported by reliable sources. For example, you can use another Code of Ethics that covers the area(s) that you feel are important to support your argument, or also use scholarly and professional articles.
  3. Are any of the ethical principles discussed earlier in the course mentioned in the Code of Ethics? If none are mentioned specifically, are they alluded to in the Code? Give examples.
  4. Why is it important for all health professionals to have a Code of Ethics?

Assignment Expectations

  • Conduct additional research to gather sufficient information to support your writing. This should not be an opinion piece, but an analysis.
  • Avoid the use of first person in your paper.
  • Limit your response to a maximum of 3-5 pages.

    Role of Health Professionals

    Role of Health Professionals

Support your paper with peer-reviewed articles and reliable sources, and use at least 3 references. For additional information on how to recognize peer-reviewed journals, see and for evaluating internet sources:
You may use the following source to assist in your formatting your assignment:

Optional Reading Choices:

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