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Rapid Influenza testing in children and adults

Rapid Influenza testing in children and adults

Sample Answer 

Rapid Influenza testing in children and adults

A description of how the assessment tool or diagnostic test you were assigned is used in healthcare.

Rapid influenza diagnostic tests (RIDTs) are immunoassays capable of identifying the presence, in respiratory specimens, of both influenza A and B viral nucleoprotein antigens. The results are displayed qualitatively, positive or negative. The available test kits differentiate between influenza subtypes as either A or B. However, these test kits are not recommended for use in suspected influenza hospitalized patients (CDC, 2020a). The nasopharyngeal flocked swabs are the preferred and recommended RIDTs way to collect specimens when testing for influenza. Flocked swabs offer a better collection of samples because of their velvet-like brush tips. These kinds of tips release a larger number of target cells and also retain more liquid samples compared to the foam tip swabs (Puritan, 2018). For the organism to be preserved in the sample, it is put in a viral transport media for delivery to a lab analysis, as mentioned above.

Based on your research, evaluate the test or the tool’s validity and reliability, and explain any issues with sensitivity, reliability, and predictive values

According to CDC (2020b), the RIDTs need to be cleared for use by the FDA, and the viral culture needs to achieve 90 percent sensitivity for influenza A viruses detection and 80 percent sensitivity for influenza B viruses. Additionally, the RIDTs test kit should achieve a specificity detection of 95 percent for influenza A viruses and also a similar percentage for influenza B viruses. The negative and positive predictive values also vary considerably and are dependent on the influenza prevalence, that is, influenza activity level on the population being tested for the disease. When the influenza tests are false positive, which means they are truly negative, they are more likely to be realized when there is a low disease prevalence. The false-positive results are most likely to be generated at the onset of the disease season when the prevalence is low. False-positive or true-negative results are most likely generated with high disease prevalence. These true positive results often are recorded when the flu season is at its peak.


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Rapid Influenza testing in children and adults

Assessment Tools or Diagnostic Tests

When seeking to identify a patient’s health condition, advanced practice nurses can use a diverse selection of diagnostic tests and assessment tools; however, different factors affect the validity and reliability of the results produced by these tests or tools. Nurses must be aware of these factors in order to select the most appropriate test or tool and to accurately interpret the results.

Not only do these diagnostic tests affect adults, body measurements can provide a general picture of whether a child is receiving adequate nutrition or is at risk for health issues. These data, however, are just one aspect to be considered. Lifestyle, family history, and culture—among other factors—are also relevant. That said, gathering and communicating this information can be a delicate process.

For this Assignment, you will consider the validity and reliability of different assessment tools and diagnostic tests. You will explore issues such as sensitivity, specificity, and positive and negative predictive values. You will also consider examples of children with various weight issues. You will explore how you could effectively gather information and encourage parents and caregivers to be proactive about their children’s health and weight.

To Prepare

  • Review this week’s Learning Resources and consider factors that impact the validity and reliability of various assessment tools and diagnostic tests. You also will review examples of pediatric patients and their families as it relates to BMI.
  • Search the Library and credible sources for resources explaining the tool or test you were assigned. What is its purpose, how is it conducted, and what information does it gather?
  • Also, as you search the library and credible sources, consider what the literature discusses regarding the validity, reliability, sensitivity, specificity, predictive values, ethical dilemmas, and controversies related to the test or tool.
Rapid Influenza testing in children and adults

Rapid Influenza testing in children and adults

Include the following:

  • A description of how the assessment tool or diagnostic test you were assigned is used in healthcare.
    • What is its purpose?
    • How is it conducted?
    • What information does it gather?
  • Based on your research, evaluate the test or the tool’s validity and reliability, and explain any issues with sensitivity, reliability, and predictive values. Include references in appropriate APA formatting.

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