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Reflective Clinical Journal

Reflective Clinical Journal

Sample Answer 

Reflective Clinical Journal

For this week’s practicum, I rotated at the Jackson Memorial Hospital’s Telemetry floor, where I was exposed to monitoring patients with cardiovascular complications. Ideally, the experience was in line with classwork, which focused on taking care of patients with chronic diseases to promote physical and mental well-being.

Description of the Care Rendered

My first patient was a 55-year-old woman with Cardiac Dysrhythmia. Basically, I shadowed my supervisor nurse in the routine management of the patients. I took the patient’s health history to help the nurse in care planning and implementation. The patient reported chest pain and mild heart attacks. Also, I monitored the patient for any drastic changes in their health status. For instance, I monitored blood pressure, heart rhythm, and oxygen level. Any drastic change was reported to the nurse for quick, effective continuous health assessment. According to Perrin et al. (2017), cardiovascular patients require continuous monitoring during hospitalization because they are prone to drastic health changes.

Clinical Goals and Objectives

During my practicum at Jackson memorial hospital Cardiac Telemetry floor, I focused on the following clinical goals.

  1. Demonstrate knowledge and competencies in patient resuscitation, trauma assessment, and airway management skills to promote excellent intravenous access.
  2. Promote accurate evaluation and competency in non-operative management of cardiovascular management, particularly for patients with severe heart complications and intracranial hypertension.
  3. Demonstrate confidence in clinical judgment, especially the use of evidence-based guidelines to care for patients with cardiovascular disease. Through ventilation management, weaning patients from mechanical ventilation, supportive care through dietary interventions, patient education, and medicine administration.
  4. Demonstrate accurate etiology and pathophysiology descriptions to promote excellent management of patients with respiration complications such as pneumonia and pulmonary embolus.

The Attainment of Learning Goals

My preceptorship was quite a rigorous period of applying my classwork in a clinical setting. I gained experience in history taking and patient assessment to promote good planning and implementation of person-centered interventions to promote quality of life. Besides, I learned how to operate telemetry monitoring machines/devices. For instance, I closely monitored the patient’s blood pressure, oxygen levels, and heartbeat rate and interpreted the information to accurately assess the patient’s health status. I gained knowledge and experience in the application of evidence-based interventions to support patients’ mental and physical health. Chronic conditions are costly and expose the patient to diverse emotional effects; hence holistic health assessment and interventions must be patient-centered (Berry et al., 2017). Telemetry monitoring requires confidence and accurate clinical judgment to devise the best intervention for a patient based on their health status (Perrin et al., 2017).

Reflection on the Clinical Day

My practicum was an exciting, rewarding, and fulfilling experience. I gained practical exposure to multiple practices involved in caring for and managing patients with cardiovascular complications. I gained an appreciation of the value of a coordinated care plan in supporting holistic healthcare delivery. The practicum exposed me to diverse healthcare terms, procedures, and concepts that I had not experienced or performed before. It became clear to me that the healthcare profession requires informed decisions and a life-term learning process to respond to unique healthcare cases.


Patient health history is very crucial when making a health assessment. Nurses should be polite and objective when taking a patient’s health history. To support holistic care, it is important to understand the patient’s historical background, culture, environment, and family history. Ideally, most health issues are genetically connected to the family (Weber & Kelley, 2018). In my future practice, I will be careful to obtain accurate health histories to promote patient-centered, evidence-based interventions. Therefore, I will work hard to develop excellent interpersonal skills to promote my record-taking skills and patient interaction.


Berry, A. B., Lim, C., Hartzler, A. L., Hirsch, T., Ludman, E., Wagner, E. H., & Ralston, J. D. (2017). Creating Conditions for Patients’ Values to Emerge in Clinical Conversations: Perspectives of Health Care Team Members. In Proceedings of the 2017 Conference on Designing Interactive Systems (pp. 1165-1174).

Perrin, K., Ernst, N., Nelson, T., Sawyer, M., Pfoh, E., & Cvach, M. (2017). Effect of a nurse-managed telemetry discontinuation protocol on monitoring duration, alarm frequency, and adverse patient events. Journal of nursing care quality32(2), 126- 133.

Weber, J.R. & Kelley, J.H. (2018). Health Assessment in Nursing (6th Ed.). Philadelphia, PA: Wolters Kluwer.


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Reflective Clinical Journal

This paper should be written as if you’re a nursing student, not an actual nurse. I am a nursing student. talk about how at Jackson memorial hospital I help the nurse insert an iv, the journal should be based on a cardiac patient our any patient that could be put in a cardiac telemetry floor.

Reflective Clinical Journal

Reflective Clinical Journal

You can use something different instead of how I help the nurse insert an iv

I was just giving an example since I’m a nursing student and there are things we can’t do unless we’re with our nurse or instructor. today he can say I went to help my nurse go to the blood bank and I got to witness the process and when we got back I helped the nurse monitor the patient to make sure there are no adverse reactions with the blood transfusion; stuff like that.

The writer is free to say anything as long as he talks about me being at Jackson memorial hospital cardiac telemetry floor and the patient has to be someone with a disease that you will see in a cardiac telemetry floor,  like a patient with acute kidney injury or a patient who had a heart attack (MI) etc….

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