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Nursing Leadership Case Study Assignment

Nursing Leadership Case Study Assignment

Sample Answer 

Nursing Leadership Case Study Assignment

Selecting the Nursing Care Delivery Model

As a baccalaureate-prepared nurse, I would be comfortable and satisfied working in The Case Management Nursing Care Model. Baccalaureate-prepared nurses are equipped with skills to handle multidisciplinary care delivery, which is patient-centered to promote holistic care delivery. Besides, baccalaureate-prepared nurses are required to sacrifice for a lifetime of continuous learning to promote quality improvement and professional development. Most importantly, satisfaction with healthcare jobs is centered on positive patient health outcomes and personal and professional development (Boamah et al., 2018). The case management model exposes nurses to unique, diverse, and multifaceted tasks that test their ability to demonstrate health delivery skills, critical thinking, and health promotion. Also, the model equips nurses with both practical and soft skills to integrate leadership and health skills to promote an individual’s holistic health. The case management model is highly interactive and will help me practice in multidisciplinary teams to enhance quality improvement.

Being an associate degree nurse, I would prefer to work in the primary nursing model because it exposes a nurse to the central roles of healthcare delivery, including history taking, diagnosis, care planning, and implementation of care plans in collaboration with other healthcare teams. The nurse works in close contact with patients to give holistic care promoting good patient outcomes, and is often highly satisfying. A chief financial officer will be focused on quality care delivery with minimal costs. From this standpoint, they would prefer a functional nursing model. Under the model, team members are assigned specific tasks to patients under the overall supervision of a registered nurse (RN). The model favors specialization, efficacy, and skill maximization. The model is also highly cost-effective because it incorporates UAPs and LPNs to reduce cost alongside maintaining quality.

Judith’s Case Study

  • How can Judith justify that her current nurse staffing is appropriate to ensure cost-effective, high-quality care for her patients?

Eliminating or even reducing the nursing positions may seem the best and an easy way to achieve a 5% cost reduction, but it may plunge the hospital into an operation crisis, making it difficult to attain the hospital’s primary objectives. Judith must, therefore, be decisive and apply management skills to convince the administration about the associated costs of eliminating or reducing nursing staff. One management tool that can be applied is the cost-benefit analysis to compare the cost impact of the decision and compare it against keeping the current nurse staffing. For example, reducing staff will result in high workloads, overworking, and occupational stress, reducing care quality. Besides, overworked staff increases the risk of medication errors, which may attract costly legal suits and increase costs. Additionally, reduced healthcare quality would prolong patients’ recovery, increasing their hospital stays and consequently increasing operation costs. As argued by Yoder-Wise (2019), quality care is the primary objective, and shrewd managers must prioritize quality as opposed to cost reduction. By clearly showing higher opportunity forgone, Judith would successfully convince the hospital administration to retain the current nurse staffing.

  • How can Judith meet the budget reduction mandate without cutting nursing staff?

There are several options that finance managers may apply to reduce labor costs without making unnecessary layoffs. Ideally, Judith should focus on making good use of the current staff by employing some measures like rescheduling and minimizing or even eliminating overtime. According to Graban (2018), reducing overtime must be accompanied by a responsive schedule that focuses on creating a new staff pool to address new staffing needs. Overtime payments would be avoided, and a pool of nurses would be created to supplement staff needs that necessitate such overtime. In addition, efficient use of nurses could be implemented by having some duties like transferring patients from surgery rooms handled by transport staff instead of nurses. Also, freezing salary increments and introducing performance benefits would help reduce costs. This will ensure nurses are motivated to work hard for performance benefits while maintaining constant salaries. These strategies would help Judith to support a 5% cost reduction without staff layoffs. Although freezing salary increments or even reducing salaries would demotivate nurses, having attractive performance bonuses would sustain employee motivation. This is the best strategy that Judith can propose because, besides reducing costs, it promotes employee motivation and quality delivery.


Boamah, S. A., Laschinger, H. K. S., Wong, C., & Clarke, S. (2018). Effect of transformational leadership on job satisfaction and patient safety outcomes. Nursing Outlook66(2), 180-189.

Graban, M. (2018). Lean hospitals: improving quality, patient safety, and employee engagement. Productivity Press.

Yoder-Wise, P. S. (2019). Leading and managing in nursing (7th Ed.). St. Louis, MO: Elsevier.


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Nursing Leadership Case Study Assignment

Answer the questions and do the case study as well

  1. As a baccalaureate-prepared nurse, which model for nursing care delivery would you be satisfied to work in? State a rationale for your selection, including characteristics of the model that appeal to you. What if you were an associate-degree nurse? Which model for nursing care delivery would a chief financial officer favor? Why?

    Nursing Leadership Case Study Assignment

    Nursing Leadership Case Study Assignment

Case study

Judith is the manager of a medical/surgical unit in a not-for-profit, acute care hospital that is part of a nine-hospital healthcare system. During the budget preparation process for the upcoming fiscal year, the healthcare system leadership mandated 5% cost reductions from the previous fiscal year budget. Labor costs must be evaluated thoroughly for potential cost savings. Judith feels strongly that eliminating nursing positions is not appropriate in this budget reduction initiative.

  1. How can Judith justify that her current nurse staffing is appropriate to ensure cost-effective, high-quality care for her patients?
  2. How can Judith meet the budget reduction mandate without cutting nursing staff?

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