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Healthcare Interview- Telehealth Technology

Healthcare Interview- Telehealth Technology

Sample Answer 

Healthcare Interview- Telehealth Technology

Meeting The Health Needs Of Mrs. Smith

Question: Mrs. Smith suffers from multiple chronic illnesses that require diverse specialized care. How does Telehealth technology remotely support this specialized healthcare to promote whole-person wellness?

Rationale: Mrs. Smith’s healthcare needs are diverse and must be addressed by specialized and qualified healthcare professionals. The question thus seeks to establish the ability of Telehealth technology to support a person-centered approach to develop and execute a coordinated care plan for continuous quality improvement. Coordinated healthcare plans involve multispecialty care provision in collaboration with the patient and their family members (Suter, Hennessey, Florez, & Newton, 2011). Before making the decision for Mrs. Smith to stay at home, we must be sure that all specialized services needed will be well-coordinated and provided in time. Telehealth technology uses phone-based apps to link all stakeholders in a coordinated care plan. Since Mrs. Smith lives far from her children, who are her primary caregivers, the app ensures they are directly involved in their mother’s care management plan. Besides, all participants in the care plan would receive real-time updates on care progression irrespective of their physical location. Before the application of telehealth technology, a background assessment must be done to ascertain the ability to support holistic care for chronically ill patients.

The Decision-Making Process For Technology Selected For Mrs. Smith

Question: When selecting the application of Telehealth technology for home-based management of Mrs. Smith’s case, what aspects were considered to support quality healthcare delivery?

Rationale: Ideally, before the adoption of any healthcare technology, alternatives are weighed against the expected health outcomes and parties involved in the entire healthcare delivery. Looking at the case of Mrs. Smith, to attain a patient-centered approach, decision-makers must have first looked at the patient’s movements. The patient is 82 years old and lives away from her primary caregivers, and this must have been the priority in choosing telehealth technology. The technology selected thus is determined by the patient’s healthcare access needs, expected healthcare outcomes and the needs of stakeholders involved in his coordinated care plan. In addition, the technology selected must be applicable to the situation at hand, easy to use and offer an effective interface. Telehealth technology is working on a phone-based app; therefore, stakeholders only require smartphones and an internet connection to facilitate smooth quality case management.

Benefits And Risks Of Using Telehealth Technology For Mrs. Smith

Question: Mrs. Smith is 82 years old, living away from his children and suffering from multiple chronic diseases. She may not be able to effectively use the app to monitor her health progress and medications. How does the use of Telehealth address potential risks posed? Do the benefits of this technology obscure risks involved?

Rationale: The technology must support person-centered holistic healthcare, and this is the basis for selecting telehealth technology. The telehealth technology enables her children to receive real-time information about the medication, interpret the information and directly communicate with Mrs. Smith. Besides, they can repeatedly remind her when to take medications regardless of the distance. Most importantly, modern healthcare delivery is highly decentralized, increasing the risk of prolonged admission waiting time. Considering Mrs. Smith’s age and health status, the use of technology supports responsive home-based care. Communication in healthcare delivery is critical, and the selected technology must promote inter-specialty communication. As argued by Tang et al. (2016), a technology that integrates real-time updates to all parties involved negates the risks of truncated communication, exposing the patient to medication errors. Therefore, patients must receive the best care from qualified professionals without unnecessary hospital visitations.

Cost and staff involved in using telehealth technology for Mrs. Smith

Question: One of the most striking challenges to healthcare delivery across the globe is the increased cost of healthcare services and understaffing in healthcare institutions. These not only limit patients’ healthcare access but also jeopardizes the quality of services delivered. How does Telehealth technology respond to these issues in the case of Mrs. Smith?

Rationale:  Chronic illnesses last for a long period posing a high risk of depleting patent financial reserves, particularly to the person without healthcare insurance. To support high-quality healthcare, healthcare institutions are challenged by the need to offer good services with reduced costs. Besides, chronic health issues must be addressed in a sustainable to ensure parties involved are not incapacitated because the services are repeatedly offered. Using telehealth technology cuts off Mrs. Smith’s transportation expenses, hospital admission costs and periodical visitations. Besides, the platform allows healthcare professional to remotely offer their service without unnecessary home-based visitations. For example, pharmacists can effectively dispense medications without interfering with their hospital routine duties. In addition, the app facilitates close monitoring, and doctors can effectively make assessments and recommendations even when off-duty. The family member whose phones are integrated into the system can easily liaise with the hospital administration for continuous advice of best primary care services.


Suter, P., Hennessey, B., Florez, D., & Newton Suter, W. (2011). Review series: Examples of chronic care model: the home-based chronic care model: redesigning home health for high quality care delivery. Chronic Respiratory Disease8(1), 43-52.

Tang, C., Lorenzi, N., Harle, C. A., Zhou, X., & Chen, Y. (2016). Interactive systems for patient-centered care to enhance patient engagement.


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Healthcare Interview- Telehealth Technology

Case Study: Telehealth

Assignment Overview

This assignment is intended to demonstrate your comprehension of how using efficient eHealth tools and expert system applications assists health professionals in decision-making.

For this assignment, you will read a case study that describes the steps taken to help an elderly woman remain independent in the comfort of her own home. Based on the scenario described in the case study, you will create a set of interview questions to ask the Telehealth Director.

Healthcare Interview- Telehealth Technology

Healthcare Interview- Telehealth Technology

Case Study

Mrs. Smith is 82 years old and is diagnosed with hypertension, diabetes, and congestive heart failure. Her two children live in California, while she lives in North Carolina in a small family home on 10 acres of land in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Mrs. Smith has been in the hospital four times in the last year due to congestive heart failure. As her eyesight and mobility get worse with age, she has found it a challenge to stay on her medical plan and to do her shopping for the right foods she knows she should be eating. Mrs. Smith’s health plan, Purple Cross of North Carolina, assigned a nurse case manager to address her situation. Purple Cross provided a digital scale and a remote monitoring device that recorded Mrs. Smith’s condition every day by uploading her weight and transmitting the answers to a series of questions on a touch screen kiosk. The case manager also coordinated delivery of Meals on Wheels, providing low-sodium, diabetic-compliant dinners to Mrs. Smith on an ongoing basis. The case manager calls Mrs. Smith twice a week, taking the time to educate her about her medications, her activities, and the disease-specific elements that will keep her healthy and out of the hospital. When the case manager identifies that Mrs. Smith can no longer organize her daily medications, a digital medication dispenser will be provided that will keep her on her medication regimen. The medication dispenser will be preloaded with Mrs. Smith’s medications and will issue a subtle doorbell tone when it is time to take them. With the combination of remote and real-time (telephonic) support persons and technologies, Mrs. Smith can remain in her home and avoid further inpatient admissions.


  1. To complete this assignment:
    • Read the case study above.
    • Assume the role as the Public Relations Director for Purple Cross of North Carolina.
      • The CEO directs you to interview the Telehealth Director regarding the use of Telehealth with Mrs. Smith. The CEO directs you to create one thought-provoking question for each of the following topics:
        • Meeting the health needs of Mrs. Smith
        • Decision-making process for technology selected for Mrs. Smith
        • Benefits and risks in using Telehealth technology for Mrs. Smith
        • Cost and staff involved in using Telehealth technology for Mrs. Smith
          • Note: Your questions must be original; not copied or modified from any source, including your textbook. Your questions cannot simply rephrase the topic.
        • For each question, the CEO requires that you provide your rationale. Describe how the question will yield a thorough response, and not simply a “yes” or “no” answer.
          • Any cited sources to support your rationale statements must be identified, using APA formatting.
        • Prior to submission, review your responses to ensure that they contain no spelling or grammatical errors.
  1. Submit the Week 4 Assignment via Blackboard by clicking on the “Week 4 Assignment” link.
  2. Include the proper file naming convention:
    • CMP105_wk4_assn_jsmith_mmddyyyy

For each topic, write your question and rationale.

Topic: Meeting the health needs for Mrs. Smith

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