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Crepitus and Osteoarthritis

Crepitus and Osteoarthritis

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Crepitus and Osteoarthritis

The term crepitus, also called crepitation, denotes the creaking, grinding, popping, crunching, or grating sound produced by moving joints. Although crepitation can occur at any age, people begin to feel more frequent sounds as they grow older. According to Iannotti & Williams (2007), the crepitus sound can either be loud enough for other individuals to hear or muffled. In humans, crepitation is often associated with different factors. Firstly, it can be used to describe the cracking and grating of bones following fractures or the crackling of lungs of patients suffering from respiratory diseases. However, the common cause of crepitus is associated with osteoarthritis, a relationship this paper aims to investigate.

Osteoarthritis is the commonest type of arthritis that affects tons of people globally and arises when the cartilage that cushions and protects the terminal ends of the bones wears away or erodes with time (Schiphof et al., 2014). Cartilage is a critical smooth, slippery tissue that lowers friction in moving joints. Therefore, destroying the cartilage means that the bones will rub against each other, producing the creaking sound or crepitation. Even though osteoarthritis can affect all types of body joints, the condition is highly linked to knee, spine, hip, and hand joints. The disorder is associated with several symptoms, including pain, stiffness, tenderness, bone spurs, loss of flexibility, as well as swelling.

Irrespective of these symptoms of osteoarthritis, the condition is commonly characterized by crepitus or crepitation. Individuals suffering from this disease might often feel or experience a grating sensation that is accompanied by a cracking or popping sound as they attempt to use their joints to stand up, walk, stretch, lift things, or change positions. This degenerative disease is also thought to worsen with age and usually results in chronic pain. The joints often tend to stiffen, making daily operations challenging for victims.


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Schiphof, D., et al. (2014). Crepitus is the first indication of patellofemoral osteoarthritis (an not of tibiofemoral osteoarthritis). Osteoarthritis and Cartilage, 22(5), 631-638.


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Crepitus and Osteoarthritis

Crepitus and Osteoarthritis

Crepitus and Osteoarthritis

Create a 1 page analysis describing how the selected concept relates to the selected systems disorder. Be prepared to present and/or submit your paper.

Concept: Osteoarthritis(OA) – Crepitus

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