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Iron Deficiency

Iron Deficiency

Sample Answer 

Iron Deficiency

In most cases, iron deficiency occurs as a result of insufficient mineral iron supply to the body. While there are several signs and symptoms of iron deficiency, the fact that it leads to abnormally low red blood cell levels in the patient indicates that pallor skin is a significant symptom (Percy, Mansour, and Fraser, 2017). When the body receives an insufficient supply of iron, which is required to manufacture haemoglobin that enables the blood to carry oxygen around the system, the skin usually exhibits vital signs of paleness. In such circumstances, the patient’s tissues and muscles do not receive sufficient oxygen and do not work efficiently.

The pale skin color (pallor skin) and the paleness of the inside lower eyelids are significant signs of iron deficiency. The haemoglobin protein in the red blood cell is responsible for the red color of the blood. Therefore, when blood levels are reduced due to insufficient iron supply to the body, the skin becomes less healthy, thereby becoming pale (Woodruff and Chang, 2019). In some cases, the paleness can be present in the whole body, while in other instances, it can be present in limited areas of the body such as the eyes, gums, face, lower eyelids, or lips and nails.

The RN taking the vital signs should check for this sign as an indicator of iron deficiency. However, a clinician should be involved in a confirmatory test to rule out the possibility of other conditions. The management of the condition can either be administered through medication or a diet rich in dark vegetables, red meat, dried nuts and fruits, bread, or iron-fortified cereals to help increase the iron supply to the body.


Percy, L., Mansour, D., & Fraser, I. (2017). Iron deficiency and iron deficiency anaemia in women. Best Practice & Research Clinical Obstetrics & Gynaecology40, 55-67.

Woodruff, C. M., & Chang, A. Y. (2019). More than skin deep: Severe iron deficiency anemia and eosinophilia associated with pediculosis capitis and corporis infestation. JAAD case reports5(5), 444-447.


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Iron Deficiency


Select a pathophysiology concept that you have not previously completed an active learning template for.

Some examples include but are not limited to: pathophysiology, etiology, iatrogenic, exogenous, prevention, mortality, morbidity, manifestations, symptoms, communicable diseases, apoptosis, hyperplasia, ischemia, impaired gas exchange, impaired mobility, or impaired perfusion.

Iron Deficiency

Iron Deficiency

Complete the three areas of the template describing in detail this concept. Select a disease process from the current organ system you are studying, that you have not previously completed an active learning template for. Some examples include but are not limited to: pneumonia, heart failure, hyperthyroidism, colon cancer, renal failure, arthritis.

Complete the top three boxes, the Assessment and Safety Concerns area of the form. Be prepared to submit, present and/or teach this concept to others based on your faculty member’s instructions. In addition, complete as much of the Patient Centered Care area as you are able based on your own research and/or collaboration with your peers or faculty.

Create a 1 page analysis describing how the selected concept relates to the selected systems disorder. Be prepared to present and/or submit your paper.

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