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Discussion 12 Care Management

Discussion 12 Care Management

Sample Answer 

Discussion 12 Care Management

Pertinent positive and negative information

The worrying information obtained from the patient is that she has a family history of diabetes- her mother and maternal grandmother. The patient appears to be fatigued and has failed to improve after an illness that occurred a few weeks ago. She has also reported weight loss and an increase in thirst. On the positive, the patient does not report any visual changes, dry eyes, or diplopia. Additionally, the patient does not report any tingling, numbness, or pain in the extremities.

Additional Information Needed

First, I would check if the patient has a yeast infection in the genital area, armpits, or mouth. She will also be checked for any dark skin patches forming on the groin, armpits, or neck

How to Address the Findings

For yeast infection, I would inquire if the patient has stressful times at home or school (Hirsch, 2015). Additionally, the grandfather will be asked whether the patient took any steroids for the illness he reported that she had a few weeks prior.

The acanthosis nigricans, if present, cannot be due to her weight (Cobb, 2018). The patient has a BMI of 22, which is optimal for her age and height; hence the skin darkening is not due to obesity.

A Plan Utilizing Clinical Practice Guidelines for the Priority Diagnosis

The patient exhibits symptoms of early onset Type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM). The patient’s blood will be screened for abnormal glucose levels. Elevated blood glucose is an indicator of reduced or no insulin production. Normal levels are 5.7 or lower. Levels of 5.7-6.4 are indicative of pre-diabetes. Levels of 6.5% or higher for two tests done separately will determine whether the patient has diabetes (American Diabetes Association, 2014). Treatment will include healthy eating, incorporating regular exercise, blood sugar monitoring, and possibly insulin therapy or diabetes medication. The drug used for first-line treatment is Metformin (Diabetes Prevention Program Research Group, 2012), though exercising and healthy eating are effective and may eliminate the need for medication (Church, 2011). Hence, medication treatment will be used as a second option when exercising and healthy eating fails regarding the required effectiveness. The patient will have a diet crafted by a nutritionist and a regular exercise program to ensure she follows the two to precision.


American Diabetes Association. (2014). Diagnosis and classification of diabetes mellitus. Diabetes care37(Supplement 1), S81-S90.

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Diabetes Prevention Program Research Group. (2012). The 10-year cost-effectiveness of lifestyle intervention or metformin for diabetes prevention: an intent-to-treat analysis of the DPP/DPPOS. Diabetes care35(4), 723-730.

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Discussion 12 Care Management

Discussion 12 – Care Management

Discussion Prompt (250-300 words):

Discussion 12 Care Management

Discussion 12 Care Management

  • Evaluate the subjective and objective information provided to you in the file below.
  • First, identify all pertinent positive and negative information.
  • What other questions may you want to ask the patient?
  • How will you address these findings?
  • Create a plan utilizing clinical practice guidelines for the priority diagnosis.
  • Include APA in-text 2 scholarly citations and provide full reference citation at the end of the discussion.

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