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Hypothesis on sleep chart

Hypothesis on sleep chart

Sample Answer 

Hypothesis on sleep chart


Hypothesis: A Day’s Events Greatly Impact the Quality of Sleep and The Types of Dreams That One Gets.

By definition, a dream is something that a person is aware of at a particular level. A dream may be illogical, disconnected, and fragmentary. However, if one is unaware of it as they sleep, it does not count as a dream. Ullman & Zimmerman (2017) point out that most dreams are an incorporation of fragments of waking life experiences. It is common for a person to dream about disconnected snippets, such as a particular activity, place, or person. Dreams also play complete memories, such as the last time a person saw a loved one, activities, or place. These kinds of memories are referred to as being episodic because they are a representation of entire episodes rather than just fragments. It has been shown that episodic dreams replay memories, though very rarely. Most dreams a person has are a recombination of fragments of the waking life. The fragments are relatively familiar and are a reflection of the concerns and interests of the person dreaming. Hence, it is common for a cyclist to dream about cycling, a banker to dream about money, and a teacher about teaching (Ullman & Zimmerman, 2017).

Some researchers have taken advantage of dream reports so as to gain insights into the processes through which memories are incorporated immediately, that is, on the 1st night following the initial experience. Sigmund Freud referred to this being ‘day residues.’ Day residues are shown to appear in 65-70% of the dreams a person has (Maggiolini & Codecà, 2016). Additionally, another phenomenon referred to as the dream-lag effect which refers to the observation after the first appearance of a memory as a day residue, there is a likelihood a particular memory will be part of a dream and will decrease steadily over a period of nights from the time the memory was created, and then this will increase across the next few nights (Solomonova et al., 2015). Hence it is common for a day’s activities to be incorporated into the specific night’s dreams, after which it decreases in the following nights with fewer memories incorporated 3-5 days after the occurrence. However, the memories will be re-incorporated on the 6th and 7th nights. One of the reasons given for this is the need to have the incorporation of the memories.

On the 5th night, I had four dreams, all related to an incident at the workplace. In a real-life scenario, I would have preferred to give my work colleague a piece of my mind, but I didn’t. On this night, I dreamt of how I was angrily pointing out my colleague’s repeated mistakes over the last few months. When I woke up, I was feeling angry and emotionally unsettled. However, I was grateful that I didn’t have to work the following day; I would have time over the weekend to forget about the unpleasant incident. I am also hoping that I will finally gather the courage to confront my work colleague and let him know my level of disappointment in him. Also, based on this information, I should expect to have the dreams that I had on the 5th day recurring 5-7 days after the incident. The dream also made me have a less restful night for the next 2 days, which caused me to sleep longer than my average 7 hours of sleep. I also was feeling groggy and less rested compared to other days of the week.


Maggiolini, A., & Codecà, L. (2016). The typical contents of Freud’s and Jung’s dreams. International Journal of Dream Research9(1), 1-6.

Solomonova, E., Stenstrom, P., Paquette, T., & Nielsen, T. (2015). Different temporal patterns of memory incorporations into dreams for laboratory and virtual reality experiences: relation to dreamed locus of control. International journal of dream research, 10-26.

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Hypothesis on sleep chart

Please complete the attached “Sleep and Dream Diary”. You should complete the grid each morning when you first wake up. In this weeks’ assignment, you will need to analyze results of your “Sleep and Dream Diary” and come up with the hypotheses. For example, one might hypothesize that those who spend more time sleeping also spend more time dreaming and thus can report more dreams.

Hypothesis on sleep chart

Hypothesis on sleep chart

Please formulate your hypotheses and write a two-page summary of your hypothesis and supporting facts and findings.This assignment must be submitted in “doc” or “ docx.” format. Additionally, it must be typed, double-spaced, Times New Roman font (size 12), one-inch margins on all sides. Please attach your sleep/dream diary with your two-page summary/hypothesis. A title page is to be included. The title page is to contain the title of the assignment, your name, the instructor’s name, the course title, and the date.

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