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Therapy and Support Groups in Holbrook, NYC

Therapy and Support Groups in Holbrook, NYC

Sample Answer 

Therapy and Support Groups in Holbrook, NYC

Mental health, Wellness, emotional well-being, and psychological health depend on what the community does to provide services for people who may be in need. New York is one of the most advanced and developed areas in the United States, and it is not a surprise that there are community services and centers to help those who are in need. I hail from Holbrook, a considerably modest community in Suffolk county, whereby these community services and centers are common to come by. Yet, we need to identify the best that will fit the emotional and mental healthcare needs of the community because the needs or problems are varied. Therefore, I highlight in this piece a therapy group, Inspiring Wellness, and a support group, Women’s Therapy Group, based on the services offered and how the varied needs are met.

Group Focus  

The therapy group I choose in my community is Inspiring Wellness, whose central mission is improving everyone’s physical, emotional, and mental well-being, including adolescents, children, adults, and young adults. Inspiring Wellness is located in New York, 186 West Main Street (Coogan, 2020). The group’s interventions include mindfulness therapy, counseling, meditation, and energy healing. Furthermore, mental health concerns are addressed by pursuing a ‘holistic approach,’ both individualized and flexible. The group prides itself on helping individuals to find peace and happiness through guidance to personal or individual Wellness. Central specialties revolve around coping skills, depression, and anxiety. Besides, the group offers mental health services, including mood disorders, impulse control disorders, and personality disorders. As such, the services extend to providing anxiety relief and counseling to minority sexuality groups, including gay, lesbian, and bisexual.

The support group I find worthwhile in Holbrook is the Women’s Therapy Group, a support group under the direction and leadership of a therapist (Story, 2020). It is centered on sharing life experiences with other individuals suffering from the same problem. The specialties of the group include spirituality, life coaching, and any pressing issues facing women.

Reasons for Visiting the Group

I believe that one should visit Inspiring Wellness because it provides anxiety-relieving services or counseling, including stress reduction and mindfulness. Throughout the counseling sessions, every treatment or intervention is based on the need for stress reduction and mindfulness. Furthermore, it has trained and qualified therapists with cross-discipline qualifications in Family, Individual, and Group Therapy (Coogan, 2020). Therefore, different therapeutic services or interventions are offered based on the client’s needs, whether individual-based or group-based Therapy. Nonetheless, the group provides psycho-educational services for improving coping skills, including other abilities like interpersonal skills. All services and interventions are meant to increase an individual’s ability to manage symptoms of depression, anxiety, and mood liability.

On the other hand, one should visit the Women’s Therapy Group as a support group, given its method of incorporating group therapy, an approach to providing a supportive environment whereby individuals learn that they are not the only ones suffering (Story, 2020). This is where visitors receive tremendous encouragement with a lot to gain through being enabled to consider other perspectives, increase or improve mindfulness, and learn new approaches or ways of coping with pressing life challenges. People experiencing problems with internal family systems, EMDR training, trauma and PTSD, self-esteem, and relationship issues should visit the group. There are additional services on mental health, including personality and mood disorders, and the age limit is specifically adults.

Group Leadership

Inspiring Wellness, as a group, is led by qualified individuals in various fields, including social work, marriage, counseling, and family therapist, mindfulness facilitators, and mental health counselors. The therapy group is led by Nicole. L. Coogan, with the necessary qualification as a Certified Children’s Mindfulness Instructor and Licensed Clinical Social Worker (NYS-licensed) (Coogan, 2020). In so doing, holding the two expertise areas denotes her contribution towards the group through skills and experience of relaxation, stress reduction, and mindfulness in every counseling session. This helps her to plan for an intervention and treatment intervention that effectively reduces depression and anxiety while concurrently increasing positivity, awareness, and focus. On the other hand, the Women’s Therapy Group is under the leadership and control of Andriane Story, a Licensed Mental Health Counselor with training in counseling from the Alliance Graduate School of Counseling (Story, 2020). She also holds extra or additional qualifications, including a certificate in EMDR Basic Training, and is also a National Certified Counselor.

Guiding Theory

            Different theories in treatment and intervention guide inspiring Wellness. One of the guiding principles is Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT), focusing on people’s feelings and the things they do (Reeves, 2018). The central belief is on thoughts, not events or people triggering negative feelings. Therapy, therefore, aims to identify and reverse dysfunctional beliefs that define an individual’s thought pattern. A therapist’s role is the focus on supporting to alter the beliefs and embedded behaviors. Besides, the success of this approach depends on structured collaboration between the client (patient) and the therapist. This theoretical approach has proven effective in addressing anxiety, depression, and disorders.

Secondly, Inspiring Wellness uses Mindfulness-Based Therapy, an approach for managing pain, reducing stress, and embracing the freedom that individuals should have in responding to different situations (Capuzzi & Stauffer, 2016). It is about the reflection of thoughts and moments without self-disparage. Besides, it is about encouraging patients to have their attention to individual feelings. Strength-Based Therapy is used as part of positive psychotherapy focusing on the client’s resourcefulness and internal strength with less attention on failures, weaknesses, or inadequacies (Reeves, 2018). The aim of ‘the focus’ is setting up a positive mindset and aids in constructing the best qualities, finding strengths, improving flexibility, and changing mindset or world perception towards positivity.

In comparison, Women’s Group Therapy uses a series of theories, including attachment-based Therapy grounded on the attachment theory. This model perceives that the parental-child relationship influences a child’s development (Reeves, 2018). Specifically, Narrative Therapy is central to the group’s functions and intervention, whereby the storytelling from clients is used to show how meanings can be constructed in their lives instead of focusing on how ‘the problem behaviors’ are communicated (Capuzzi & Stauffer, 2016). The basis of the theory is that stories play a critical role in modeling behaviors, and people end up becoming the stories they characteristically tell about their lives. The role of storytelling is ‘client elevation’. Since the group also uses the Strength-Based Approach, it embraces positive psychotherapy, a model focusing on the client’s resourcefulness and internal strength with less focus on failures, weaknesses, or inadequacies.

Personal Reflection/Assessment

Having evaluated and compared the Therapy and Support groups, I strongly recommend the two groups. For example, I recommend Improve Wellness because our mental health and emotional and psychological well-being are about how we assess our feelings and behaviors. The Therapy is based on Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, whose emphasis is on feelings and how they are linked to people’s thoughts and behaviors. This should be the best group for an individual with any emotional and mental health issues. Besides, the group’s leadership is trained and composed of professionals who have a wider range of experience. The group offers services that cut across life stages and useful services or resources for the community. This is in comparison to the Women’s Therapy Group, led by a therapist with proper training background. Support groups offer us the opportunity to share and learning from others. Besides, a support group is a safe haven for disclosing our feelings, and this group provides the opportunity.


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Therapy and Support Groups in Holbrook, NYC

In your community, research one therapy group and one support group. Write an 750-1,250 total word count review that covers both groups. The review should address the criteria below for each group.

Therapy and Support Groups in Holbrook, NYC

Therapy and Support Groups in Holbrook, NYC

  1. The focus of the group. Why would someone choose to visit the group?
  2. Group leader description to include the following: trained or untrained and led by members or nonmembers
  3. The theory that guides the way each group is conducted
  4. Would you refer anyone to either or both groups? Why or why not?

Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the GCU Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center.

This assignment uses a rubric. Please review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.

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