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Nursing Case Study: Mr. M

Nursing Case Study: Mr. M

Sample Answer 

Nursing Case Study: Mr. M

Mr. M is a 70-year-old male who has been suffering from several health conditions. These conditions include hypertension, hypercholesterolemia, and others connected to the patient’s physical wellness. His hypertension, however, is controlled by ACE inhibitors which are proven to be quite effective. Mr. M’s wellness is also disturbed by the high levels of cholesterol present in his body. His physical wellness is mostly affected by the difficulty encountered when walking, keeping in mind he has an unsteady gait. Over the last couple of months, his health has deteriorated. Mr. M seems to be losing his memory which could be a result of the worsening hypertension condition. Memory loss could also be a result of the advanced age by Mr. M. The patient has some difficulty in physical exercises due to an unsteady gait which could have worsened both hypertension and hypercholesterolemia conditions. His many health challenges could bring about dependency on activities of daily living by Mr. M. Based on the information provided and the latest assessment, Mr. M’s age and health condition could both explain the difficulties witnessed.

Primary diagnoses are usually provided by the first health practitioner to attend to a patient. The primary diagnosis that should be considered for the patient is the blood pressure being higher than the normal range, which is at 123/78 HR. Another primary diagnosis to be considered is based on the evidence of low protein levels and evidence from the laboratory results. A secondary diagnosis is made by a specialist on health challenges or complications by a patient. From our case, secondary diagnoses could be made on hypercholesterolemia suffered by Mr. M and which seems to be deteriorating. The diagnosis could majorly focus on the high levels of cholesterol in the patient’s blood, probably brought about by the lack of physical activity. Hypertension could also be diagnosed on a secondary level despite the primary diagnosis focusing on high levels of blood pressure. The secondary diagnoses will focus on the very high levels of blood pressure also caused by limited physical activity, which could be causing the agitation witnessed by the patient (Weatherspoon, 2017).

When conducting a nursing assessment on the patient, some of the abnormalities one would expect to find are difficulties in concentration and memory. The reason behind this would be that Mr. M is advanced in age and, as such, could experience memory loss once in a while. However, memory loss can also be associated with high blood pressure, an abnormality witnessed in the patient. Another abnormality would be sadness and quick agitation by the patient. High blood pressure patients experience some stress once in a while, but when the patients lack enough physical activity, the condition may be worse. Dependency on activities of daily living is also an abnormality witnessed when on a nursing assessment. High blood pressure may cause stress, and the accumulation of anger in an older person may limit him from practicing activities of daily living on a normal basis (Vatican, 2019).

Mr. M’s current health status may adversely affect his overall physical health. The limited physical activity may adversely affect his mobility if a solution is not sorted on time. His psychological condition may be extremely worse, considering the suffering he is going through. That may take a toll on both his emotional well-being and that of his family. Some of his family members may also be affected psychologically, considering what one of their own is going through.

Several solutions can be put in place to help Mr. M and his family through the situation at hand. To begin with, limited human activity may have caused most of the problems witnessed. Both the family and health practitioners ought to help him exercise on a daily occasion and get engaged in some bit of physical activity. Secondly, the patient needs to get a prescription for ACE inhibitors and ARBs to help with hypertension. The patient also needs a lifestyle check in regard to what he eats. Mr. M also needs a regular check-up on all the medical surgeries he may have undergone to ensure that he is fully recovered and not at risk of infection.

Mr. M faces a number of problems, some of which he is already encountering, while others are potential challenges. The first problem that Mr. M faces is a physical disability. He is currently not physically fit, and he has difficulty in ambulating. Hypercholesterolemia is another problem that Mr. M currently faces and which may worsen in time. The patient has limited physical activity, which only increases cholesterol levels in the body and blood. Hypertension is also experienced by the patient and maybe a problem that could worsen in the future. Memory loss is also being experienced at the moment and may worsen. Both hypertension and memory loss may worsen, considering that the patient is slowly aging and may be unable to care for himself (Weatherspoon, 2017).

Mr. M’s case shows the health difficulties that may result from limited physical activity. Frequent exercising, which is not an easy task for Mr. M, should be a daily routine for everyone. Physical exercise helps reduce cholesterol levels and lower blood pressure in patients. Mr. M is currently at an advanced age which worsens the situation at hand. The loss of memory and inability to handle ADLs will necessitate close monitoring and care for Mr. M by both his family and healthcare practitioners.


Vatican, J. (2019). Does High Blood Pressure Lead To Memory Loss? Medical Daily, 2.

Weatherspoon, D. (2017). What’s the Connection Between High Blood Cholesterol and Hypertension? Healthline, 5.


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Nursing Case Study: Mr. M

Neurological, Cognitive or Perceptual

Mr. M., a 70-year-old male, has been living at the assisted living facility where you work. He has no know allergies. He is a nonsmoker and does not use alcohol. Limited physical activity related to difficulty ambulating and unsteady gait. Medical history includes hypertension controlled with ACE inhibitors, hypercholesterolemia, status post appendectomy, and tibial fracture status postsurgical repair with no obvious signs of complications. Current medications include Lisinopril 20mg daily, Lipitor 40mg daily, Ambien 10mg PRN, Xanax 0.5 mg PRN, and ibuprofen 400mg PRN.

Nursing Case Study: Mr. M

Nursing Case Study: Mr. M

Case Scenario

Over the past 2 months, Mr. M. seems to be deteriorating quickly. He is having trouble recalling the names of his family members, remembering his room number, and even repeating what he has just read. He is becoming agitated and aggressive quickly. He appears to be afraid and fearful when he gets aggressive. He has been found wandering at night and will frequently become lost, needing help to get back to his room. Mr. M has become dependent with many ADLs, whereas a few months ago he was fully able to dress, bathe, and feed himself. The assisted living facility is concerned with his rapid decline and has decided to order testing.

Objective Data

  1. Temperature: 37.1 degrees C
  2. BP 123/78 HR 93 RR 22 Pox 99%
  3.  Denies pain
  4. Height: 69.5 inches; Weight 87 kg

Laboratory Results

  1. WBC: 19.2 (1,000/uL)
  2. Lymphocytes 6700 (cells/uL)
  3. CT Head shows no changes since previous scan
  4. Urinalysis positive for moderate amount of leukocytes and cloudy
  5. Protein: 7.1 g/dL; AST: 32 U/L; ALT 29 U/L

Critical Thinking Essay

In 900-words, critically evaluate Mr. M.’s situation. Include the following:

Nursing Case Study: Mr. M

Nursing Case Study: Mr. M

  1. Describe the clinical manifestations present in Mr. M.
  2. Based on the information presented in the case scenario, discuss what primary and secondary medical diagnoses should be considered for Mr. M. Explain why these should be considered and what data is provided for support.
  3. When performing your nursing assessment, discuss what abnormalities would you expect to find and why.
  4. Describe the physical, psychological, and emotional effects Mr. M.’s current health status may have on him. Discuss the impact it can have on his family.
  5. Discuss what interventions can be put into place to support Mr. M. and his family.
  6. Given Mr. M.’s current condition, discuss at least four actual or potential problems he faces. Provide rationale for each.

You are required to cite 2 sources to complete this assignment. Sources must be published within the last 5 years and appropriate for the assignment criteria and relevant to nursing practice. Also, you must have a conclusion with a minimum of 5 sentences to wrap up the case study.

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