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Aspects of Abortion

Aspects of Abortion

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Aspects of Abortion

The debate on whether abortion should be legalized or not seems to have no end. Proponents who identify as pro-choice assert that abortion is a right that should not be curtailed by religion or the government. The proponents argue that the right of the pregnant woman overrides that of the fetus or embryo. The pro-choice say that where legal options are not availed, pregnant women will resort to illegal and unsafe abortions. On the other hand, opponents contend that fertilization marks the beginning of one’s life. The pro-life groups assert that abortion is the killing of an innocent human being and is immoral. Opponents argue that abortion inflicts pain and suffering on the fetus and is unfair to couples who wait to adopt babies. However, there are incidences where the pregnant woman’s life is at risk, and choosing one life over another is the only way out of a potentially fatal health risk. Other incidences are when an abortion occurs due to genetic abnormalities and when it results from environmental factors.

Genetic Abnormalities

Aberrations in parent chromosomes are a significant predisposing factor and also a cause for abortion if the aberrations are carried over to the unborn fetus. The transmission rate of such chromosomes is approximately 50%. Chromosomal abilities are correlated to maternal age, development rates, and embryo morphology. When translocation occurs in either of the parents, it causes recurrent miscarriages, and the prognosis is subsequent miscarriages with future pregnancies (Williams, 2012). When a fetus is diagnosed as having an unacceptable quality of life, such as in cases where the child born would have serious mental defects, genetic problems, and physical handicaps, doctors often advise the pregnant woman to terminate the pregnancy (Brown et al., 2013; Ballantyne et al., 2009)). While such an option for termination is deemed offensive to persons with disabilities; because it implies that persons with disabilities and their lives are of lesser worth than ‘normal’ people’s lives, I support abortion.

Life, in my opinion, is not life if one cannot experience their surroundings or loved ones. When a child is likely to be born with severe deformities that would leave it living a shelf of life, there is no need to let it go through such emotional and physical pain. The question that parents of such a child should ask themselves is whether the decision to carry the pregnancy to term is for their own self-fulfillment or if it is really for the sake of the child. I believe parents to such a child often do it for personal reasons, including proving to themselves that they can love unconditionally and that they can handle any challenge in life; the child is basically a reflection of how good a parent one can be; it has nothing to do with the child’s well-being. A simple test I would put forward to the parent would be to ask such a parent: “if the tables were turned, would they like to be born as their child was? Would they switch places with their child?” The most likely answer would be a ‘no’, and with that, why give birth to a child with genetic abnormalities that significantly and negatively impact their quality of life? Doing so is a selfish act, an endless journey of self-sacrifice in the pursuit of proving oneself as capable of doing the impossible.

Environmental Toxins

Environmental factors are, in some cases, the causes or are linked significantly to a causal chain that results in abortion. Environmental factors mainly result from the influence of people over the environment and are not solely created by nature (Kumar, 2011). Studies have shown that there is a link between different fuel residues and rates of abortion. Exposure to radioactivity also causes miscarriages. Most discussions that take place with regard to environmental toxins are in relation to pregnant women who are unwilling to terminate their pregnancies (Katz, 2012). However, what happens when a woman wants to terminate a pregnancy due to fetal malformation following environmental toxicity? An example is a drug addict who continues to increase toxic drugs in her system throughout their pregnancy. A child born to such a woman will definitely be an addict and will live the rest of its life with drugs in its system along with several disabilities in its development. Should such a child be born? In my opinion, such a child should not be born. However, if the child will not suffer from severe disabilities, it should not be aborted. Although the child will be an ‘addict’ its entire life, it can still live a significantly worthwhile life and contribute to the community and society. In cases such as where a pregnant woman accidentally ingests toxins from poisonous mushrooms, abortion can occur spontaneously. If the fetus is bound to die and risks the life of the mother, then the pregnancy should be terminated (McPhee et al., 2010; Vigeh et al., 2010). Saving the life of the mother is of priority, in my opinion.


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Aspects of Abortion

M4. Assignment: Abortion

The decision about giving birth to an infant with severe genetic abnormalities or exposed to environmental toxins during the pregnancy period is a decision that needs to be made in certain situations.

Aspects of Abortion

Aspects of Abortion

All written assignments are to have a minimum of 750 word count with 2 scholarly references each, with the references cited in APA format. Also required are APA Style in text citations to cite when information is used from any outside source, whether that information is paraphrased or cited directly.


Think through the material presented in the chapter and outside readings, and discuss your thoughts from both a factual and personal view as to aspects of abortion due to either of these issues (genetic abnormalities or environmental toxins). Create a minimum 750 word response, include at least 1 scholarly reference in APA format.

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