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Standards of Practice for Florida Rehabilitation Nurses

Standards of Practice for Florida Rehabilitation Nurses

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Standards of Practice for Florida Rehabilitation Nurses

Standards of practice refer to authoritative statements regarding the responsibilities and duties that all licensed nurses, including rehabilitation nurses, should execute during the nursing process. Rehabilitation nurses work in various primary care clinical settings, including hospitals, long-term care facilities, or patients’ homes, to provide functional restorative care. Developing standards of practice proceeds through several steps before the statements are finally disseminated.

Development Process for Standards of Practice


The initial step in developing standards of practice is forming a committee to conduct the entire process and provide oversight. The committee includes representatives of specialty organizations in Florida and nationally, such as the Association of Rehabilitation Nurses, the Florida Nurses Association, and the Florida Board of Nursing and expert volunteers (, 2019). In collaboration with nursing organizations such as the American Nurses Association, the committee defines the educational background requirement for rehabilitation nurses, their unique niche, and contributions to nursing practice and their practice environments.

Writer Identification

During this stage of development, the committee identifies and appoints a credible lead writer. The lead writer conducts the process of writing the Standards of Practice (Finnell et al., 2015). The committee may choose to include its own writer or outsource a lead writer from established specialty organizations in Florida or nationally, such as the Florida Nurses Association.

Expert Convention

This step involves recruiting experts in the field of rehabilitation nursing and wider nursing practice to constitute the working group that will create the rehabilitation nursing practice standards. This can take a targeted selection approach involving invitations for representation to national and state specialty nursing organizations and agencies (Khoury et al., 2018). The committee may also invite renowned professionals famous for their scholarly contributions to rehabilitation nursing.

Incorporation of Foundational Documents

The working group then identifies relevant foundational documents relevant to rehabilitation nursing practice in Florida and nationally. These documents may include the Code of Ethics for Nurses, the current edition of “Nursing: Scope and Standards of Practice”, the Florida Nurse Practice Act, and the Nursing Social Policy Statement (Finnell et al., 2015). The contents of these documents are reviewed and integrated appropriately during the creation of the Standards of Practice.

Establishing Timeline and Addressing Barriers

The committee then collaborates with the working group to set a timeline for the entire development process. Barriers include time constraints, writing constraints that may necessitate disruptive revisions, and logistical constraints due to the volume of documents involved (Finnell et al., 2015). Steps to address potential barriers to the development process are then put in place to ensure each quality deliverable is available at the right time.

Promotion of Facilitators of Success

This involves proactive efforts to ensure the entire project runs smoothly. Identifying a lead author with a credible track record of teamwork and coordination is essential to ensure the author can collaborate and correspond with all expert team professionals through regular meetings and follow up (Khoury et al., 2018). Success can also be facilitated through concurrent collaboration with relevant specialty organizations such as the American Nurses Association.

Addressing Reviewer Feedback

The committee then seeks the input of various specialty organizations, such as the advanced nursing practice standards committee of the American Nurses Association and the Florida Board of Nursing through. This feedback is then utilized to improve the document through revisions and dialogue (Finnell et al., 2015). Feedback can also be sought through consultation with other publications prepared by specialty organizations.


During this final stage, the committee informs various stakeholders within the state of the developed Standards of Practice. Stakeholders include specialty nursing organizations and the entire state-wide nursing community. Dissemination avenues may include nursing journals, particularly specialty-specific journals, conferences, and social media platforms (Finnell et al., 2015). The document can also be shared with nursing curriculum developers.


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Khoury et al. (2018). A process for developing standards to promote quality in general practice. Family practice, 166-171. (2019). List of Nursing Organizations. Retrieved from


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Standards of Practice for Florida Rehabilitation Nurses

Outline the process for the development of nursing standards of practice for Florida including discussion of the entities involved in developing the standards of practice and how the standards of practice influence the nursing process for rehab.

  • Review “The Future of Nursing: Leading Change, Advancing Health,” by the Institute of Medicine (IOM) (2010), located on the National Academies of Sciences website.
    • URL:

        Standards of Practice for Florida Rehabilitation Nurses

        Standards of Practice for Florida Rehabilitation Nurses

  • Review the Nurse Practice Act of your home state. A copy of the Nurse Practice Act should be available on the website of your state’s board of nursing or nursing regulatory body.
    • URL:
  • Explore the “List of Nursing Organizations,” located on the website.
    • URL:
  • Explore the America Nurses Credentialing Center website. In particular, familiarize yourself with the resources describing standards of practice.
    • URL:

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