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Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice

Sample Answer 

Criminal Justice

Part One: Assessing Juvenile Offenders

During probation, offenders are held or detained under the watch of a probation officer either for a stipulated time or for an uncertain time. During the probation, the offender might be detained in a rehabilitation facility or a place where he can get psychological help and treatment. Probation has proved successful in positively changing juveniles. In the cases where the prosecution is sure of the juvenile’s offense, the prosecution is allowed to file the case in court, where the juvenile is judged and sentenced like an adult. In such cases, the juvenile is also allowed the right to a jury. Sentencing juveniles as adults is necessary in cases of offenses such as murder (Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention, 2017). The juveniles are first held in juvenile institutions and later transferred to adult prisons after they reach the age limit of 18 years.

Part Two: Effective Policing

The police benefit significantly from social media and social networking, especially by gathering evidence on sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Social networking also helps the police to establish possible connections through social media as well as determine the credibility of witnesses. For example, some criminals brag about their crimes on social media; thus, the police use that information to track them down. On the other hand, social media can come in the way of police investigations by exposing their flaws as well as their identities on social pages (Hanson, 2011). For example, if a shooting goes wrong and the event happens to be posted on social media, the involved officer is most likely to lose his badge. Also, when an officer is operating undercover, social media can blow his cover and thus expose him to criminals.


Hanson, W. (2011). How Social Media Is Changing Law Enforcement. Retrieved from Government technology:

Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention. (2017). Juvenile justice system structure and process. Retrieved from


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Criminal Justice

Number of pages: 1/2

References/sources: 1

Part 1: “Assessing Juvenile Offenders”

Please respond to the following:

Review the Juvenile Justice System Structure & Process case flow diagram on the U.S. Department of Justice website, located at Which aspect of this system of this system do you find to be the most significant in working with juveniles? Remember to keep in mind early intervention, and the purpose of the system. Research the juvenile system in your home state–what do methods do they use to rehabilitate or intervene with the youth. Can you support its effectiveness? Compare this to the 3 types of prevention interventions mentioned in the text.

1.The juvenile may be placed on probation; or

2.The juvenile may be sent to the State (MD) Juvenile Justice Department with an indeterminate sentence (only felony offenses); or

3.The juvenile may be sent to the state (MD) Juvenile Justice Department with a determinate sentence (only certain offenses).

Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice

Number of pages: 1/2

References/sources: 1

Part 2: “Effective Policing”

Please respond to the following:

According to the text, the Joint Committee on Police Psychology Competencies has identified four (4) general domains of proficiency that include the assessment domain, the intervention domain , the operational domain, and the consulting domain. Determine the key activities involved in each domain and discuss whether or not you could rank these domains in the order of importance. Justify your position.

Per the text, social media has become a mainstay in reporting both the commendable and deplorable behavior of police officers. Take a position on whether the presence of social media is having a mainly positive or mainly negative effect on the way in which officers carry out their duties. Provide a rationale for your response.

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