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Psychology Discussion

Psychology Discussion

Sample Answer 

Psychology Discussion

Part One: Investigations vs. Confessions

Comprehension of Miranda rights requires the suspect to have a certain level of IQ, which the text explains that they need ninth-grade education. However, some illnesses, such as mental disabilities, do not allow suspects to understand them. Another factor would be suspects who are hard of hearing and dumb because such persons cannot respond verbally to Miranda rights. It is not ethical for investigating officers to waive Miranda rights during an arrest because a suspect can provide evidence without meaning to, and since they were not under the Miranda rights, that information cannot be used in court (Roesch, Zapf, & Hart, 2010).

False confessions are due to coercion, drug abuse, and mental disabilities. To reduce instances of false accusations, our police department uses lie-detecting technology that monitors one’s vital signs, such as heartbeat rate, to determine whether they are telling the truth or not.

Part Two: The Importance of the Jury

The image of Justitia invokes the emotions of trust as well as fear in me because as much as it represents justice, it also carries a weight of uncertainty. It represents justice because it promises to punish the wrongdoer, while it is uncertain because it uses only available evidence. Thus, truth is blind because it does not allow the judge to see from his point of view but only from provided proof. However, one may argue that the fact that evidence is used in court, justice is not blind (Capers, 2012). The grand jury and petit jury are the main types of juries to which a case is presented. The grand jury comprises 11 to 23 jurors, while a petit jury comprises 5 to 12 jurors who make decisions under the guidance of the judge.


Capers, B. (2012). Blind Justice. Yale Journal of Law and the Humanities, 178-191. Retrieved from

Roesch, R., Zapf, P. A., & Hart, S. D. (2010). Forensic Psychology and Law. New Jersy: John Wiley & Sons, Inc.


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Psychology Discussion

Part 1: “Investigations vs. Confessions”

Please respond to the following:

Per the text, approximately 81% of suspects in criminal cases waive their Miranda rights. Discuss two ( illnesses and retardation) factors that contribute to the low number of suspects who exercise their Miranda rights. Take a position on whether or not it is ethical for investigating officers to attempt to obtain a waiver of Miranda rights. What is your rationale?

Psychology Discussion

Psychology Discussion

Review the factors listed in Box 6.4 “The Innocence Project” in Chapter 6 of your textbook that contribute to a false confession during a police interrogation. Research a police department (maybe one in your area) and state (MD) one method they use to lessen the instances of false confessions. Remember to consider the factors stated (MD) by the Innocence Project.

Number of pages: 1/2

References/sources: 1

Part 2: “Importance of the Jury”

Please respond to the following:

Discuss two (2) emotions that the symbol of Justitia (in Figure 7.1 in Chapter 7 of your textbook(internet most famous)) invokes in you regarding the notion of justice. Support or criticize the common statement “justice is blind.” Justify your position.

Use the Internet to research one (1) case in which a grand jury was convened from your home state, and one (1) case in which a petit jury was convened from your home state. Next, explain the major distinctions between the two (2) cases you chose. Finally, compare and contrast the fundamental differences in size and function between a grand jury and a petit jury.

Number of pages: 1/2

References/sources: 1

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