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Chapter Two Readings

Chapter Two Readings

Sample Answer 

Chapter Two Readings

Is America the land of opportunity, or is it where the rich ride on the backs of the poor? The US economy has continued to live up to imaginary prosperity while, in reality, we as citizens encourage inequality every time we go for presidential elections. The nightmare that is now the average American’s life began when the people of this great nation believed they had voted in a great transformationist, Ronald Reagan. While Reagan’s campaign policies appeared to favor all Americans, where the wealth of the nation would be created and enjoyed by all, the reality on the ground was that only the rich benefited from de-regulating the financial industry. In the US, both the economic and political policies, including labor and tax laws, as well as environmental laws, favor not the average citizen but the big corporations and the wealthy in society.

America is believed, even by its own citizens, to be a land of freedom. The country’s political elite have successfully painted the nation to be so. However, I believe freedom is a word used to describe free will and autonomous decision-making. The US gives its citizens a choice of two when it comes to electing their leaders (Democratic versus Republican). The most ironic part of the so-called democratic elections is that whichever leader makes it to the presidency, the trickle-down effect on the average citizen is the same. It is like traveling to the sun by rocket or slingshot: you get to the sun and get burned. All presidential candidates from the time Reagan got into power have only repackaged inequality and capitalism in the name of bringing change, bettering the lives of Americans, and masked it as the solution to what the previous regime in the presidency has done wrong.

With every presidential election that comes with a bagful of promises and reforms, the gap between the rich and the poor continues to widen. Since the 1980s, the richest one percent of Americans have continued to increase in wealth and riches far beyond any other American citizen. This clearly indicates that the social classes are well entrenched in society, and the status quo will continue to form from one generation to another. Tax regression, though packaged to appear to benefit the working populace in society, the latter ends up paying more while the rich pay much lower tax rates. I believe the solution to the current inequality in the US is to have leadership in the country that is more focused on improving the lives of Americans while not seemingly cutting off the 1% rich population. A truly democratic leader in words and actions is needed in the US.


Heiner, R. (2002). Social Problems: An Introduction to Critical Constructionism. Oxford University Press, USA.


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Chapter Two Readings

This paper is based on what you think of the chapter 2 reading. It is not a summary but your opinion about your thought on the reading from the book.

Chapter Two Readings

Chapter Two Readings

The only resource should be the book. I will be emailing the pictures of the chapter.

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