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COVID experiences

COVID experiences

Sample Answer 

COVID experiences

  1. How do you think the government can better be prepared for the next 2-5 years?

The government should increase both its short-term and long-term federal investments in medical research. In recent years, the nation’s commitment has been strengthened by Congress through an increase in funding for the National Institute of Health and additional funding for the development of vaccines. However, there is a long way to go in order to strengthen the country’s defense against a pandemic such as the ongoing Coronavirus outbreak. Just like the country’s national security, preparedness requires various resources that can only be marshaled by the federal government. The Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention badly needs augmented appropriations. The funding of research institutions like the National Science Foundation and the NIH must be among the top priorities. Such proposals require newer appropriations on a significant scale. As seen recently, the administration and Congress have recognized that the health of America and economic security are important national investments. Just like medical practitioners, researchers are at the front line of this fight, and the government cannot afford to let its guard down.

  1. How do you think HEALTH SYSTEMS can better be prepared for the next 2-5 years?

The healthcare system should deploy the whole healthcare team effectively and aggressively. This includes sanctioning even the non-physicians, particularly physician assistants and experienced nurse practitioners, to perform a broad range of basic healthcare processes as well as to prescribe some treatments without necessarily obtaining the doctor’s direct guidelines. Most states have enacted partial reforms involving the “scope of practice,” and research does not show any reduction of the care quality. In the recent past, the governors of Arizona and Michigan signed executive orders that permit PAs and nurses to work independently and diagnose, treat, and manage COVID-19 patients where appropriate. Such improvements and changes help to enhance access to healthcare in rural areas. Also, the physicians will be freed to provide other healthcare services. Long-term policies could include offering support and funding for public healthcare providers.

  1. Should vaccinations be mandated? Explain your point of view

Vaccine refusal can pose severe public health problems in society, especially for diseases that can trigger global pandemics, such as the novel Coronavirus disease. Since the scientific documentation of the first vaccination in the year 1798, human health and medicine have been reshaped. The effects of vaccination range from the elimination of Polio in the United States in 1978 and the worldwide smallpox eradication in 1980 to cancer of liver prevention. As a matter of fact, vaccines are very influential and it has been considered one of public health’s greatest success. Freedom of choice cannot be allowed to put the lives of the entire population in danger, so governments must put efforts into enforcing vaccinations.


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COVID experiences

Tell me about your COVID experiences from the time you heard about the virus to school closing to your present day.

Choose 3-5 questions to answer. Number your answers and write in complete sentences

COVID experiences

COVID experiences

  1. The first time you heard about COVID, what did you think about the situations in China and Italy? Did you think this virus would have reached the United States?
  2. What were your thoughts when the City or where you lived was closing down? Were you well-prepared or ill-prepared?
  3. How was your family and social life? Was any of your family members sick? Was it difficult for you to see friends and family?
  4. How was your shopping experience? Did you shop online or in person? Did you overbuy?
  5. Do you think society will ever get back to normal? If not, explain why we can not get back to normal? If so, explain when it will get back to normal.
  6. How do you think the government can better prepared for the next 2-5 years?
  7. How do you think HEALTH SYSTEMS can better prepared for the next 2-5 years? How do you think health and medical jobs will be changed in the future? What new jobs can be created and what jobs might be obsolete?
  8. If scientist create a vaccine for COVID-19, how do you think the vaccine should be administered to the people? Who should have first, second, third, etc priority to receive the vaccines?
  9. Should vaccinations be mandated? Explain your point of view?
  10. Given this experience, what do you think the future (25 years from now) of health care system should be like? How can we change the health systems without bankrupting the present system?

Write a total of 200-300 words or more for the paper, not per question

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