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Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter

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Black Lives Matter

Socialization: Black Lives Matter

The senseless killing of African Americans has, since the slavery period, created animosity between the authorities and black people. In addition to inequality, police brutality, particularly the use of excessive force, has been condemned as being racially motivated (Clark, Dantzler, & Nickels, 2018). In the mid-20th century, the rise of black revolutionist movements, headed by activists like Martin Luther King and Malcolm X, began what would later translate to countrywide peaceful protests and constitutional changes. The Black Lives Matter Movement was born during these acrimonious times (Rickford, 2016). The epitome of these movements was marked by the passing and signing into law of the Civil Rights Act by President Lyndon Johnson in 1964. This law not only gave minority communities equal voter registration rights but also created equity in labor, abolishing discrimination based on sex, religion, color, and nationality. In spite of these new constitutional changes, police brutality has been rampant throughout the country, targeting blacks and other minorities. With the tech bubble sweeping the world in the early 21st century, it has become easier to report police harassment and brutality through social media platforms. Several researchers have since written about how social media is helping expose the rot in the police force. This paper, therefore, specifically aims to highlight how social media is helping expose police brutality against black lives as well as the demographics and regions affected.

How Social Media is Helping in Report Police Brutality against Black Lives

The tech bubble that started in the early and mid-2000s has arguably had a huge impact on the manner in which people can access information. Unlike traditional forms of media, such as television, radio, newspapers, journals, and books, social media has significantly influenced the way in which social issues, especially police brutality, by increasing the coverage. Umamaheswar (2020), in his article “Policing and Racial (In) Justice in the Media Mass,” argues that the use of social media by millennials has had a profound impact on access and sharing of information, propelling movements like the “Black Lives Matter” to unprecedented new heights. Umamaheswar (2020) cites the 2014 viral Blacks Live Matter social media campaign against the cold-blood shooting of Michael Brown by Darren Wilson, a 28-year-old police officer, in Fergusson. These sentiments have been supported by other researchers like Tillery (2019), who argue platforms like Twitter and Facebook are playing a critical policing role in not only exposing these kinds of brutality, injustices, and inequalities but also bringing to book the culprits.

Analysis of the Demographics of the Population Affected based on Umamaheswar Article “Policing and Racial (In) Justice in the Media”

In his article, Umamaheswar (2020) specifically discusses the role of the Black Lives Matter Movement and how it has impacted the fight against inequality and police brutality in the United States in general. Specifically, the author addresses how contemporary mass media platforms, especially digital social media forums like Twitter and Facebook, are playing a critical role in the fight against police brutality and inequality against people of color and other minority communities in America. The issues cut across all age groups.

Our lives are shaped by several social factors, such as:

Regions of the World the Issue is affecting

According to Umamaheswar (2020), social inequalities and brutality against African Americans are rampant in the United States. In particular, the article argues that low-income communities and neighborhoods highly inhabited by these minority communities, especially people of African American descent, are the most affected. For example, the author uses the case of the brutal killing of Michael Brown, an African American, to highlight how the city of Fergusson, Missouri, United States, is among the most affected neighborhoods. According to the 2010 U.S. Census statistics, the neighborhood is comprised of 29.3 percent whites, 67.4 percent blacks, 1.2 percent Hispanics, 0.4 percent Native Americans, and 0.5 percent Asians.


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Umamaheswar, J. (2020). Policing and Racial (In) Justice in the Media: Newspaper Portrayals of the “Black Lives Matter” Movement. Civic Sociology, 12143.


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Black Lives Matter

Module 2 – SLP
SOCIALIZATION For the Module 2 SLP, you are requested to do the following:

Step One

Mass media has a great effect on society, especially on teens and young adults. How has the use of mass media played a significant role in shaping our thoughts in the social problem you chose in Module 1? Be sure to focus on the same issue for this module. You can use the same reference article you chose in module 1.

Step Two

Our lives are shaped by several social factors, such as:

Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter

The time period in which we live
Our social location and neighborhood
Our social class, gender, and race
Your second task is to list the demographics discussed in the article. Are specific nationalities targeted? What is the average age of those affected? What is that significance of these elements?

Step Three

Your third task is to relay the regions of the world this issue is taking place. Where, geographically, does the article suggest this issue is sooner taking place? If the article discusses the United States and the problem exists everywhere in the US, is there a kind of geographical location associated with the discussion, specifically, sections of a given state, neighborhoods, etc.

Submit the 2- to 3-page document to dropbox.

SLP Assignment Expectations

Cite at least three sources inside your work and in a reference section.

Use APA style, and proofread your paper.

You are expected to use SLP-related readings and background material to show how people are socialized into your organization.

In preparing your Module 2 SLP, you need to demonstrate your learning of the concepts outlined in the modular learning outcomes.

Use section headings for each of the topics you address in your paper followed by a discussion of that topic.

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