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Sugar Consumption in the American Diet

Sugar Consumption in the American Diet

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Sugar Consumption in the American Diet

According to Nix (2017), the body should typically source its energy from natural healthy carbohydrate sugars, such as lactose, glucose, and fructose – which are found in fruits, whole grains, and products such as milk. This means that processed sugars, which are often used to sweeten foods, should be sparingly used because they are unhealthy and predispose the body to overweight, obesity, heart disease, diabetes, kidney failure, and so on. According to the USDA (2015) report, America is increasingly consuming more unhealthy sugars, through sweetened drinks, cakes, cookies, and so on, because of the changing culture and socioeconomic setup. With a 24-hour working nation and a changing work environment in which employers are demanding maximum input from their employees, it is increasingly becoming more convenient for workers to consume snacks at workplaces rather than healthy carbohydrate diets, like cooked rice and beans. A cookie or burger with a bottle of Coca-Cola is not only preferred because of its convenience, but it is also a cheaper and readily available option.

Even though Americans love sugar-added foods, the 2015-2020 Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommends that an individual should take less than 10% of calories/day from added sugars (USDA, 2015). Several ways can assist Americans in implementing these recommendations. The first way is for everyone to transition to healthier beverages and food choices. For example, people can replace Coca-Cola and cakes with blended mango/pineapple/orange juices and boiled potatoes/yams. The idea is to shift to healthier, nutrient-rich food and beverage options in place of sugar-added fast foods. The second way this recommendation can be implemented is by creating an environment or system that supports healthy eating habits and patterns. It is high time that the country’s media (both social media and mainstream) portray natural products as cool and trendy instead of the prestige and fashion associated with chocolate cakes, Pepsi, Burgers, etc. On the other hand, communities, healthcare facilities, and schools have a bigger role in educating the public about the importance of shifting to healthier sugar sources, especially fruits.


Nix, S. (2017). William’s basic nutrition and diet therapy (15th ed.). St. Louis, Missouri: Elsevier.

USDA. (2015). Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2015-2020 (8th ed.). Washington, DC: United States Department of Agriculture. Retrieved from


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Sugar Consumption in the American Diet

Why are Americans consuming more of their energy from sugar than might be healthy? What does the recommendation from 2015–2020 Dietary Guidelines for Americans in regard to sugar consumption? How can these recommendations be implemented? Use the material in the text and lecture to support your response. Use proper APA citation.

Sugar Consumption in the American Diet

Sugar Consumption in the American Diet

Response Posts: In your responses to your classmates, contribute to the discussion with your own original opinions or interpretation of the course materials.

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