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Empathy and value paper

Empathy and value paper

Sample Answer 

Empathy and value paper

Question 1:

Major surgical operations, particularly when high chances of sustaining permanent disability are involved, come with strong emotional reactions to all patients regardless of their background (Pereira et al., 2016). As a nurse, the experience gives me an opportunity to face surgical fear from a patient’s standpoint. My major concern would be how to erase the many worries crossing my mind and, most importantly, how the nurse would be of help to my situation. The concerns about whether the surgery would be successful and the fear caused by the possibility of not regaining full use of my leg would be tormenting. During this stressful situation, I would be worried about my career, which I have worked so hard to build, and how the surgery would impact my life. Besides, as a medical professional, I would be quite aware of the possible post-surgery complication and their effects on my health, particularly physical fitness. Most importantly, I would be worried about how these issues would affect my family.

Looking at the experience and vulnerability to post-surgery trauma, it is important for the care nurse to understand the patients’ personal situations to make sure they are not subjected to strong emotional feelings. Nurses should employ effective communication, professional knowledge, and personality to promote a caring environment for patients (Altintas, 2019). From this experience, the care nurse should adopt holistic approaches that give me hope, suppress my stress and improve my relationship with my family even when complications arise. I would expect kind words of encouragement like ‘you’ll be okay”, “the process is not very serious,” etc. Also, it would be essential to maintain close communication with my family to prepare them for possible outcomes and how best to respond to them. Finally, I expect that the experience will be informative and mind-changing, helping me improve my patient-nurse relationships. Upholding empathy in nursing has a therapeutic effect and promotes patients’ wellness.

Question 2:

I hold the view that nurses are the most critical professionals in the patients’ holistic care delivery and must be flexible to meet the physical and emotional needs of the patients to promote positive health outcomes. This may be problematic, particularly when handling patients with different professional and cultural backgrounds. Besides, my cultural and professional values prioritize the needs and welfare of others, and I’m always ready to go beyond reasonable expectations to make sure patients are compassionately treated (Pereira et al., 2016). These are among the personal values along which we differed with the theatre nurse, and may affect my care delivery in the future. It is important to note that, as a medical professional, I know the emotional struggle that patients face and the nurse’s role in responding to these emotional needs. However, I have some experience and knowledge in clinical psychology; hence my pre-surgical stress may not have been severely demonstrated. This would be a conflicting value with the potential to jeopardize my ability for quality service delivery. For example, it is easy to ignore or take patients’ distress lightly when I assess the severity from a personal viewpoint. My personal beliefs in fairness, coupled with the experience received during surgery preparation, are likely to take center stage in my future care delivery, thus conflicting with my professional requirements and objectives. For example, making a nursing assessment based on predetermined personal values, beliefs and cultural orientations (Altintas, 2019). To address these challenges, I would adopt a patient-centered and objective approach to makes sure I address the issues based on the nature of the patient.


Altintas F (2019) Reducing stress and anxiety in perioperative patients and families. Nursing Times [online]; 115: 8, 42-43. Retrieved: archive/perioperative-nursing/reducing-stress-and-anxiety-in-perioperative-patients-and-   families-15-07-2019/.

Pereira, L., Figueiredo-Braga, M., & Carvalho, I. P. (2016). Preoperative anxiety in ambulatory surgery: The impact of an empathic patient-centered approach on psychological and clinical outcomes. Patient education and counseling99(5), 733-738.


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Empathy and value paper

Guidelines and Rubric for Empathy and Values Paper

Directions: Based on the scenarios below, type a two-page, double-spaced, 12-font narrative paper with 1” margins, addressing the items outlined in the grading rubric below. Please save the file using your last name and then the name of the assignment. This assignment is due on the date outlined on the class schedule.

Empathy and value paper

Empathy and value paper

Please respond to the two Scenarios’ in this paper: 1. You are a new nursing student who has been hospitalized for injuries from a major car accident. You were told the fracture in your right leg will require complicated surgery to repair and extensive rehab to recover. There is a question as to whether you will ever regain full use of this leg. The surgery is scheduled for tomorrow morning. Tonight you are alone in your hospital room and the night nurse has just come in. What are your concerns when you reflect on this personal patient experience: what do you expect from this experience?

2. You realize that you share a different value system from the nurse. You reflect that this might be challenging for you as a nurse someday. These values can be due to differences in lifestyle, cultural background, belief system, or attitudes about health care. Reflect on your own values and identify a personal value/belief that could become a conflict for you in delivering quality patient care.


Required Elements Possible  Points Points Earned
1.      List your top 3 personal concerns about how this injury will affect your life.

Identify 2 physical, 2 emotional, 2 social, & 2 family areas that will be affected. Briefly explain each.



What are your physical and emotional needs and expectations of your night nurse regarding both symptom management and psychological/emotional support?

What type of communication would be most and least helpful to you tonight?

How could the nurse show compassion?




2.      What potential situation do you anticipate might be challenging for you from a values standpoint? What would make this challenging to each of you? Name and discuss the underlying values and beliefs that may contribute to this being a challenge for you.  



Choose the two best communication enhancers and two worst communication blockers for this situation from the class readings and explain how they might help or hinder communication in the situation you described.  


What could you do to help make the communication situation less challenging? How might you best prepare practically or emotionally for interactions with a similar client?  


Spelling, grammar, sentence structure, neatness, organization

No more than 2 pages (excluding title page or optional references), double-spaced, 12 point font, 1” margins, APA format



Total 100


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