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Professional Development of Nursing Professionals

Professional Development of Nursing Professionals

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Professional Development of Nursing Professionals

Future of Nursing


The Institute of Medicine Report (IOM) titled The Future of Nursing: Leading Change, Advanced Health, entails a comprehensive analysis of hospital staff with significant emphasis on nurses. The report was published in October 2010 and provided suggestions that put significant emphasis on changing biomarkers across the life of the patients, meeting the diverse healthcare needs, and tackling the nursing labor force actions (Jonascenter, 2010). The Institute of Medicine (IOM) formed the commission on the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation as a means for discussing and formulating a commentary making proposals and suggestions for an activity outline for the future of nursing. In 2010, the IOM released the Future of Nursing report, which continues to influence the nursing career at individual, organization, and policy levels with four different messages. This paper discusses the four key messages of the IOM report and their significance to nursing practice, especially concerning BSN-prepared nurses and the impact of nursing practice in managing patient care in diverse populations.

Four Key Messages

The following are the four key messages of the IOM report. First, the report provides that nurses should practice to the full extent of their educational training, notwithstanding the historical, regulatory, and policy barriers to practice that limit nurses from achieving their abilities to transform in nursing practice (Jonascenter, 2010). Secondly, the education systems available for nurses should allow nurses to achieve higher levels of training and education while promoting seamless academic progression that is consistent with the changes in the U.S. healthcare system and practice environment (Jonascenter, 2010). The third key message indicates that nurses need to play a pivotal role in redesigning the healthcare system in the United States through collaborative efforts of physicians and other health professionals through transforming nursing from the bedside to the boardroom (Jonascenter, 2010). Finally, the report provides that, in order to achieve efficiency in workforce planning as well as policy formulation, better data collection methods and proper information infrastructure must be put in place in the healthcare system and practice environment (Jonascenter, 2010).

Nursing Education and Leadership

With the recommendations of the IOM report, nursing education and nursing leadership have a huge potential for development. The four key messages identify that there are gaps in nursing education that need to be addressed through constant training with the evolutions in the healthcare system and practice environment. Since nurses will be accorded the opportunity to practice according to their full educational attainments, nurses will be encouraged to seek higher education and develop their careers to the best of their abilities (Démeh and Rosengren, 2015). Moreover, nurses have been accorded the opportunity to participate in collaborative leadership in addition to their role in providing bedside care and treatment. BSN-prepared nurses to have the advantage of participating in boardroom discussions that influence healthcare delivery, and their educational achievements put them in a better position to exercise their skills. BSN professionals receive training on nursing research, leadership, and management in addition to the clinical skills given to the ADNs (Loversidge et al., 2018).

Aging and Diverse Population

According to the IOM report, the primary goals of nursing education such as preparing nurses for the diverse set of patient needs, providing learners with advanced practice skills and knowledge, and molding the next generation of nursing leaders to deliver high-quality and safe patient care would remain unchanged despite the changes in the healthcare industry. Additionally, the 2010 report provided that nursing education must evolve according to the evolutions in healthcare provision and changes in the industry. Some of the significant changes in the industry include the aging population and the diverse populations in the healthcare system. According to the Deloitte report, the older population is significantly rising worldwide, and life expectancy is expected to surpass 74 years in 2020 from 72.3 years in 2014 owing to enhanced living conditions, declining infant mortality rates, proactive prevention of diseases, and improved access to medication and healthcare services (Dunkle, Smith, & Lehning, 2014). Additionally, patient compositions have changed based on racial, ethnic, socioeconomic, and cultural backgrounds, various lifestyles, values, beliefs, and cultures (Dunkle, Smith, & Lehning, 2014). Therefore, nursing education programs need to be intensified to ensure that more nursing professionals graduate with the proper qualifications to meet these populations’ diverse needs and reduce the nursing shortages in the industry.

Nursing in Evolving Care

Nurses are the healthcare professionals mostly involved in direct patient care by providing bedside care. Therefore, they are in the best position to provide leadership in all areas of healthcare provision, such as improving the quality of care, developing systems that help in the reduction of medical and systemic errors, increasing access to care, providing better coordination of care, and averting workforce shortages in the industry (Loversidge et al., 2018). The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 provides opportunities for nurses to play a significant role in leading change as well as delivering care (Loversidge et al., 2018). Therefore, as individuals that provide basic care and interact with patients more, and with proper education, nurses have the opportunity to provide leadership and initiate and manage change in the healthcare system according to the evolutions and changes in the practice environment.


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Professional Development of Nursing Professionals

Review the Institute of Medicine’s 2010 report “The Future of Nursing: Leading Change, Advancing Health.” Write a 750-1,000 word paper discussing the influence of the IOM report on nursing practice. Include the following:

Professional Development of Nursing Professionals

Professional Development of Nursing Professionals

  • Summarize the four messages outlined in the IOM report and explain why these are significant to nursing practice.
  • Discuss the direct influence the IOM report has on nursing education and nursing leadership. Describe the benefits and opportunities for BSN-prepared nurses.
  • Explain why it is important that a nurse’s role and education evolve to meet the needs of an aging and increasingly diverse population.
  • Discuss the significance of professional development, or lifelong learning, and its relevance in caring for diverse populations across the life span and within the health-illness continuum.
  • Discuss how nurses can assist in effectively managing patient care within an evolving health care system.
  • Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An abstract is not required.

This assignment uses a rubric. Please review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.

You are required to submit this assignment to LopesWrite. Please refer to the directions in the Student Success Center.

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