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Importance Organizations

Importance Organizations

Sample Answer 

Importance Organizations

The American College of Nurse-Midwives (A.C.N.M.) is a nursing organization whose membership comprises certified nurse-midwives and certified midwives. The organization was established in 1955 to leverage the collective professional interests of nurse midwives. It upholds the well-being and health of mothers and infants by enhancing professional development among nurse midwives, who are the primary maternal and child healthcare providers.

A.C.N.M. Purpose, Mission, and Vision

The main purpose of A.C.N.M. is to promote and maintain the health and welfare of mothers and infants in the setting of their families and within the community through the improvement of midwifery practice (A.C.N.M., 2019). Similarly, the organization’s vision is “A midwife for every woman” (A.C.N.M., 2019). A.C.N.M. recognizes every woman’s right to a safe pregnancy and childbirth. The organization, therefore, seeks to improve lifelong access to a midwife for every woman.

The mission of A.C.N.M. is to provide support for midwives and to improve midwifery practice as means to enhance lifelong optimum health for all women (A.C.N.M., 2019). A.C.N.M. works towards this mission by striving to improve expertise in all aspects of reproductive healthcare, including gynecology, pregnancy, peripartum care, neonatal care, and well-woman health (A.C.N.M., 2019). These efforts are pursued through advocacy, research, and education.

Benefits of A.C.N.M. Membership

A.C.N.M. membership has several advantages. Firstly, the membership provides the midwife with a vast personal and professional network. The organization has communities within which members are offered social support and mentorship to facilitate personal growth (A.C.N.M., 2019). In addition, members also have access to other professionals through opportunities to interact with peers and reputable experts in midwifery and other nursing specialties to expand their professional network (A.C.N.M., 2019). Additionally, A.C.N.M. offers scholarships and fellowship support for its student members and full-fledged midwives seeking further professional development (A.C.N.M., 2019).

Furthermore, through benchmarking and volunteering opportunities organized by the organization (A.C.N.M., 2019), its members get an opportunity to enrich their experience and further expand their professional network. The organization also provides direct advocacy for issues such as equal reimbursement (A.C.N.M., 2019). Members of the organization also have access to numerous resources for professional development and learning. These include A.C.N.M.’s peer-reviewed “Journal of Midwifery & Women’s Health,” e-books, and publications (A.C.N.M., 2019). Finally, the organization also provides savings opportunities by offering discounts for sales of midwifery equipment and gear, listing in midwife directories and on-demand courses (A.C.N.M., 2019).

Importance of Networking in Midwifery

Networking allows midwives to learn about current developments in midwifery practice, such as current best practices in childbirth (Goolsby & Knestrick, 2017). Additionally, it offers midwives opportunities for certification through information on learning opportunities such as workshops and seminars (Goolsby & Knestrick, 2017). Midwives can also get access to learning opportunities in the form of scholarships and sponsorships obtained through professional networks (Goolsby & Knestrick, 2017). Younger midwives, such as entry-level midwifery graduates, can also access opportunities for employment through interactions in the process of networking (Ebert, Levett-Jones, & Jones, 2019). Networking also enhances personal and professional development by promoting engagement and interactions between midwives at different levels of their careers through opportunities such as mentorship.

A.C.N.M. Networking Opportunities

A.C.N.M. provides its members with various networking opportunities. Firstly, A.C.N.M. organizes internal and professional events, workshops, and conferences which bring together experts in different nursing specialties besides midwifery, providing avenues for professional interactions among its members and with experts and peers (A.C.N.M., 2019). Secondly, the organization allows its members to represent A.C.N.M. in affiliate meetings, conferences, and committees, during which the members can interact with other experts in the field of midwifery (A.C.N.M., 2019). The organization also informs its members about volunteering opportunities through which members can not only enhance their professional skills, but also establish new professional contacts (A.C.N.M., 2019). A.C.N.M. also has a professional directory that is available to members to contact various certified nurse midwives (A.C.N.M., 2019).

Information and Updates Dissemination

A.C.N.M. also avails updates and information on the latest developments in the field of midwifery and healthcare to its members. The organization publishes articles and research papers in its “Journal of Midwifery & Women’s Health,” through which members can access new information on the field of midwifery and nursing (A.C.N.M., 2019). Additionally, A.C.N.M. has an e-news brief platform known as the “A.C.N.M. SmartBrief,” on which it posts news and updates that are directly related to midwifery practice for its members to access (A.C.N.M., 2019). These updates are also provided through A.C.N.M.’s other news platforms, “Midwifery Now” and “Quickening” (A.C.N.M., 2019). Affiliate meetings and conferences and meetings organized by A.C.N.M. are additional avenues for acquiring updates.

A.C.N.M. Professional Development Opportunities

A.C.N.M. has an annual meeting and exhibition during which productive educational sessions and workshops are conducted that enhance skill-building for its members (A.C.N.M., 2019). The organization also provides members with learning resources, including e-books, presentations, and hard-copy books, which members can access for professional and academic enrichment (A.C.N.M., 2019). Besides, A.C.N.M. also has an online learning center where it provides on-demand courses to its members on subjects such as leadership (A.C.N.M., 2019).

The organization also offers scholarship opportunities for student members and sponsorships for workshops and educational meetings for its members who are students or practicing midwives who wish to enhance their training through the A.C.N.M. Foundation (A.C.N.M., 2019). Finally, the A.C.N.M. also administers the certification exam for midwives (A.C.N.M., 2019). The exams are administered through the American Midwifery Certification Board.


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Importance Organizations

Examine the importance of professional associations in nursing. Choose a professional nursing organization that relates to your specialty area, or a specialty area in which you are interested. In a 750-1,000 word paper, provide a detailed overview the organization and its advantages for members. Include the following:

Describe the organization and its significance to nurses in the specialty area. Include its purpose, mission, and vision. Describe the overall benefits, or “perks,” of being a member.
Explain why it is important for a nurse in this specialty field to network. Discuss how this organization creates networking opportunities for nurses.
Discuss how the organization keeps its members informed of healthcare changes and changes to practice that affects the specialty area.
Discuss opportunities for continuing education and professional development.
Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An abstract is not required.

Importance Organizations

Importance Organizations

Explore the America Nurses Credentialing Center website. In particular, familiarize yourself with the resources describing standards of practice.


Explore the Advocacy page of the American Nurses Association (ANA) website.


Explore the “List of Nursing Organizations,” located on the website.


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