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Corrections and Psychology

Corrections and Psychology

Sample Answer 

Corrections and Psychology

Part 1: Corrections and Psychology

The four basic categories of risk management create the most risk-free environment. The need to avoid unnecessary risks and mitigate certain risks helps to manage a situation considerably. Accepting the extent of risk provides an opportunity to handle the situation effectively and ensure the best results.

Supervision can include a scenario where the criminal justice system (CJS) denies bail to a suspected drug cartel leader. The basis of such a decision is a concern that the person would do more harm to society when released. The CJS could argue that the person is likely to escape and avoid facing their offense. According to the Department of Justice in Canada (2018), victim safety Planning is where a forensic psychologist assesses possible outcomes or a victim’s actions and plans for the safe rescue of a woman and her children from her terrorist husband. There would need to account for a potential threat and minimize the risks that the woman has to bear.

Part 2: Rights of the Individual and the Rights of the Common Good in Conflict

The right of the common good includes provisions such as the need for protection. It is an umbrella term that represents a communal need. Individual rights are those that belong to a person and often benefit the person only. When individual rights conflict with the rights of a common good, it implies that choosing the rights of the common good is likely to violate individual rights (Etzioni, 2009). Often such a decision is made on the basis of the greater good. In such instances, it may be considered fairly successful in violating the rights of one person for the benefit of a larger group or community. For instance, when an officer violates an individual’s right to life because the person is armed, refuses to surrender, and threatens to shoot at civilians. The officer’s decision may be unconstitutional, but it is worthwhile because more civilians would have suffered without it.


Etzioni, A. (2009). The Common Good and Rights: A Neo communitarian approach. Retrieved from

Department of Justice. (2018). Victims’ roles and rights in the criminal justice system. Canada: Government of Canada.


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Corrections and Psychology

Part 1

Corrections and Psychology” Please respond to the following:

Ascertain the importance of each of the four (4) basic categories of risk management activities discussed in Chapter 10 of the textbook. Next, select two (2) of these categories, and provide one (1) real-world example of a forensic psychologist or criminal justice system professional effectively carrying out an activity from that category. Be specific and detailed in your real-world example.

  • Monitoring-goal is to elevate changes in potential risk
  • Treatment-include rehab necessary to lead productive lives

    Corrections and Psychology

    Corrections and Psychology

  • Supervision-restricts offender’s freedom and rights to protect society
  • Victim safety Planning-provides security assurances to victims. Minimize the negative impact on victims and their physical well-being

Part 2

What does it mean to say that the rights of the individual and the rights of the common good are in conflict? Give an example.

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