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Sociology Family Unit.

Sociology Family Unit.

Sample Answer 

Sociology: Family Unit.

The basic unit of society is the family. A nation is built from multiple family units. If the family unit is faulty, then the society, nation, and world will be faulty as well. What structures a family has a ripple effect that is manifested in the entire world. Interestingly, before the nineteenth century, the father, mother, and children worked in an agrarian economy to put food on the table. Everyone had a role to play in ensuring economic and food stability in the family. I believe the creation of gender roles and the exemption of children from taking part in the family building has brought about the ‘current family crisis’ (the family has always been viewed as being in a crisis over the centuries only that the definition of the crisis differed with each century). When men are assigned the role of breadwinner and fail to do so, women take up this role, and that is when things go south. Women in the present day focus on building their careers and abandon child care as their primary role. Men have abandoned their duties to raise children in family settings leaving the burden on women who now have to take multiple roles. The children are caught up in the mess that is characteristic of the modern-day family.

These children grow up in ‘confused’ environments and adopt what they observed while young or reject it altogether. For example, a child who grew up in a single-parent home where the parent was struggling to raise the child may choose never to have children of their own, work at getting a better life and family, or live recklessly. The breakdown in family units causes bankruptcy and poverty, and children brought up in poverty and bankruptcy have very few chances of living better lives, even as adults. To break the pandemic of child poverty in the US and to safeguard the economy’s future, the government needs to implement child-friendly policies that safeguard their rights, ensure children get a good education, and basically, that children do not pay the price for the mistakes of previous generations.


Heiner, R. (2002). Social problems: An introduction to critical constructionism. Oxford   University Press, USA.


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Sociology: Family Unit.

The 2-response paper is a critical analysis of ideas put forth by the author. It should be thoughtful and analytical. they are your thoughts not a summary of the reading: what you like, what you didn’t like, and what your thoughts about the reading are.

Sociology- Family Unit.

Sociology- Family Unit.

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