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Psychology-what strategies assist our problem solving

Psychology-what strategies assist our problem solving

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Psychology-what strategies assist our problem solving

Cognition is defined as the mental activities that are linked to communicating, remembering, knowing, and thinking (Bloch, 2018). A person groups many people, objects, and events into concepts. Most times, a person forms concepts based on the development of a prototype which is the best example or mental image of a specific category. The closer an object is to a person’s concept prototype, the more likely that the object will be easily recognized. Once an item is placed in a category, the memory of the object is later moved to the category prototype direction (Bloch, 2018).

People approach problems by trying various solutions to the point where they reach a solution that works. For some problems, a methodology is utilized, or a step-by-step process is followed, which is referred to as an algorithm. However, algorithms are complex, and hence, people often rely on heuristics that are faster than the former and are also less prone to error. Sometimes a person is unaware of any strategy to solve a problem, and instead, a solution comes instantaneously; this is referred to as insight (Michaelwicz & Fogel, 2013).

The main obstacle that deters problem-solving is a person’s eagerness to search for information that is in line with preconceived notions and ideas; this is referred to as confirmation bias. This means that when a person has formed an idea that is false, such a person will be unwilling to shift to a logical way of thinking (Haselton, Nettel, & Murray, 2015, p. 1). Fixation is also another obstacle that deters solving problems. Fixation is when a person is unable to see a problem from a new angle of perception (Storm & Angello, 2010, p. 1263). When a person tends to use a problem-solving strategy that seemed to work in the past in a current problem, that is referred to as a mental set. This interferes with the person’s ability to approach the problem with a fresh approach when problems that require an entirely new approach confront the person (Wang & Chew, 2010, p. 81).

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Psychology-what strategies assist our problem solving

What strategies assist our problem-solving, and what obstacles hinder it?

Psychology - What strategies assist our problem-solving

Psychology – What strategies assist our problem-solving


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