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Energy drinks are theoretically designed to re-energize your body…

Energy drinks are theoretically designed to re-energize your body…

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Energy drinks are theoretically designed to re-energize your body…

Negative Impacts of Energy Drinks

In the US and across the globe, energy drinks are a billion-dollar industry. They first came into the American scene in the 1980s and were advertised as a means by which one could replenish lost energy. Energy drinks have been shown to cause more harm than good to human health, including poor mental health, risk-seeking behavior, dental, renal, or metabolic conditions, and cardiovascular effects (Pennay & Lubman, 2012, p. 369)

What do energy drinks do to the body?

The main energy source of energy drinks is caffeine, with most ranging between 80-160mg of caffeine in a can of 16 ounces. Caffeine is a diuretic; in extreme cases, these drinks can cause dehydration, which may be particularly harmful to first-time consumers (Rathy, 201, p. 70). Caffeine also poses a risk to heart rate because of its diuretic properties. Abuse of energy drinks increases the risk of cardiac events, which is heightened when a person engages in exercise or sports. Citric acid that is found in energy drinks is highly corrosive to teeth. The high acidity levels in the drinks corrode enamel which increases teeth sensitivity and results in teeth yellowing which attracts more stains. Guarana, which is present in energy drinks, stimulates the central nervous system giving the consumer a feeling of mental clarity and energy boost, and has been known to reduce appetite. Guarana consumption has side effects, including mood swings, nervousness, insomnia, and headaches (Ibrahim & Iftikhar, 2014, p. 1415).

How much is too much?

400mg of caffeine per day is deemed safe for a healthy adult to consume daily. This is roughly four cups of brewed coffee or two energy drinks. However, the actual caffeine content differs with various drinks and more so in energy drinks. Heavy consumption of caffeine can have vast side effects even in healthy adults (Wolk, 2012,p. 243). Additionally, some people are more sensitive to caffeine than others, and one cup of coffee may cause them to be restless and have sleep-related problems. Factors that can cause a person to be extremely sensitive to coffee include medication use, age, body mass, genetics, and health conditions, including anxiety attacks and related disorders (Trabulo et al., 2011, p. 712).

Should the use of energy drinks be regulated?

            Energy drinks should be regulated mainly because of the high caffeine content and the fact that they do not actually supply energy to the consumer. Excessive consumption of caffeine can have adverse effects, as discussed above. The increased consumption of Guarana, an ingredient in energy drinks, also has negative health outcomes. Finally, energy drink consumption has been known to cause fatality (Kasikçioglu, 2017, p. 163). Unregulated production, marketing, and consumption of the drinks have a higher propensity for negative outcomes than would positive ones.

Should children, Pregnant Women and the Elderly be allowed to drink energy drinks?

Energy drinks should not be consumed by children, pregnant women, or the elderly. The FDA has no guidelines on how much caffeine children can consume in a day. However, the Canadian federal agencies recommend that children between 4-6 years and 7 -9 years consume not more than 45mg and 62.5 mg of caffeine per day, respectively, while those between 10 and 12 years should not take more than 85mg of coffee per day. Energy drinks contain between 80-160mg of caffeine per can which is extremely high for children (Seifert, 2011, p. 511). Energy drinks are unsafe for pregnant women as they negatively impact the newborn, including increased risk of diabetes due to the high sugar content (Procter & Campbell, 2014, p. 1099). Lastly, elderly people should not take energy drinks as concentrated caffeine can cause cardiac problems such as clumping or clotting platelets, an abnormally flashing heart rate, and impaired endothelial functioning (Bueno et al., 2012, p. 256).

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Energy drinks are theoretically designed to re-energize your body…

Energy drinks are theoretically designed to re-energize your body and increase your focusing capacity during long days or during low points in your day. Current research on these energy drinks reveals data that may be contradictory or inconclusive. In this paper, address the following:

Energy drinks are theoretically designed to re-energize your body…

Energy drinks are theoretically designed to re-energize your body…

  • What do energy drinks do to the body?
  • How much is too much?
  • Should the use of energy drinks be regulated?
  • Should children be allowed to drink energy drinks? Pregnant women? The elderly?

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