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Psychology discussion

Psychology discussion

Sample Answer 

Psychology discussion

Part one: civil commitment

Civil commitment is the involuntary treatment of individuals because they pose a risk to themselves and society because they have dangerous mental illnesses. The government hospitalizes these individuals because the government has to keep the nation safe. Therefore, it is not about sick individuals but about the dangers associated with their sicknesses. Unlike criminal commitment, which seeks to punish wrongdoers for their crimes whether or not they are mentally ill, civil commitment is a preventive measure that aims to prevent these criminals from taking place. In criminal justice, when one is acquitted for reasons of insanity, the best action to take next would be to commit them to a mental facility. The government should ensure that such a person should not go back to society because they are likely to commit the crime once again (Roesch, Zapf, and Hart).

Part two: eye witness identification

Eyewitnesses are essential to any court proceeding because they act as evidence against a crime. However, eyewitnesses can be misleading if lawyers ask the wrong questions or are not keen on the narrations of the eyewitnesses (Wise, 2009). For example, some eyewitnesses depend on their memories which could be mixed up with memories of previous events. Especially when lawyers use leading questions, witnesses will mistake their far-off memories for a recent event. Also, a within-race identification by witnesses is more accurate than cross-race identification. For example, the Myra case was a case of misidentification because Tony had a striking resemblance to Van, the real culprit. Therefore as much as eyewitnesses are essential in solving cases, there is a need for expert assessment to avoid instances of misidentification and wrongful convictions.


Roesch, Ronald, Patricia A. Zapf, and Stephen D. Hart. Forensic Psychology and Law. New Jersey: John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 2010. Document.

Wise, R. A., Pawlenko, N. B., Safer, M. A., & Meyer, D. (2009). What US prosecutors and defense attorneys know and believe about eyewitness testimony. Applied Cognitive Psychology: The Official Journal of the Society for Applied Research in Memory and Cognition23(9), 1266-1281.

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Psychology discussion

Part 1

Civil Forensic Assessment and “Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity, Now What?”

Chapter 3 of your textbook reviews the two (parens patriae powers and sexually violent predator laws ) general forms of civil commitment and the requirements for each formTake a position on whether or not these requirements are objective, and provide a rationale for your response. Next, suggest one (1) additional requirement (not included in the textbook) that would give authorities a more subjective standard to resort to in borderline cases for civil commitment. Justify your response.
Choose two (2) out of the three (3) possible outcomes (discussed in Chapter 4 of the textbook) which may occur in cases where the court acquits a defendant by reason of insanity. Next, discuss the value that each selected possible outcome adds to the legal process. Take a position as to whether the added value is worth the cost incurred as a result of the action taken after the defendant’s acquittal. Provide a rationale for your response.

1. The individual may be unconditionally released whereby he or she is
allowed to leave the court and go home.
2. The individual may be conditionally released whereby he or she is permitted to live in the community but under certain conditions.
3. The individual may be committed to a mental health facility for

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Psychology discussion

Psychology discussion

References/sources: 1

Part 2

“Eyewitness Identification”

According to the text, there are many factors that account for mistaken eyewitness identification (e.g., situational factors, post-event factors, etc.). Compare and contrast system variables and estimator variables in terms of the amount of control the criminal justice system has over each. Next, provide one (1) example of each type of variable to support your response.
Review the video titled “Do you know what you saw?” (3 min 24 s), located below. You may also view the video at Next, explain whether or not eyewitness testimony should continue to be a pillar of the legal system. Find one case that supports your argument that eyewitness testimony should or should not continue to be a pillar of the legal system.

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