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Nursing In Global Health Care

Nursing In Global Health Care

Sample Answer 

Nursing In Global Health Care

Healthcare ethics is most crucial when it comes to handling healthcare operations, including research and event treatment services delivered to patients. Therefore, nurses and other healthcare professionals must consider following the nurse’s ethical standards when handling patients or carrying out research geared towards improving the healthcare conditions of an area or even a country.

This movie shows great racial discrimination, as evidenced in the early stages of the video, at the hospital where water types are marked to indicate whether it is for people of color or it’s for whites only. It comes to the realization that blacks are infected with several diseases; however, having the most significant syphilis infection, research is to be conducted to get treatment for the disease (Wongpakaran, 2017). However, a white doctor comes in and shifts the intention of the project. He claims that there is a need to find out the truth about how syphilis affects infected individuals. The white doctor insists that patients who test positive would be kept out of treatment for thirty years for the study to be complete. He takes advantage of his position to force Eunice Evers, a nurse in charge of the research, to give in to his suggestion. The white Americans diagnosed with syphilis were kept out of medication and allowed to die, yet the treatment for the disease had been found. The black patients are misinformed that they are under long-term medicines and that their issues will be solved. The white stresses that federal funding will only be given if this version of the research is applied. During the Senate investigation, Eunice Evers is blamed for all the messes, and she is forced to speak about why the course of the research changed.

This movie illustrates a lot of injustices that African Americans were subjected to during the research. Based on my understanding, racism in the United States of America was rampant, and people of color were not even allowed to share certain services with whites (Cherry, 2016). This is evidenced when the white doctor goes to the water tap, finds it indicated colored and has to go to a tap that is stated ‘whites only to use.’ The research with which this movie is a reflection is full of unethical medical research practices. First, the syphilis research was carried out without seeking the consent of the participants.  The selection of the research participants was also unfair. This is because only black males were selected for the research. This is an unethical practice of gender and racial discrimination.

This movie applies much to nursing science. First, in clinical practices, this movie suggests that all patients should be treated equally regardless of their race (Johnstone, 2015). This is because, in the end, there was no difference between the impacts of the disease on whites and African Americans. Nursing science education is important. However, this movie insists that the right protocol should be followed. Research in the healthcare environment should also be conducted with the impacts on the subjects considered. This movie teaches that the study should not endanger the lives of the patients in any way. Regarding health policy, this movie implies that influential individuals in the care environment should not take advantage of their positions to bring in issues that may affect others negatively.

From the information portrayed by this movie concerning the research, it is essential for healthcare professionals to consider following the right procedures when handling any care issues. The ethical standard must be maintained. Patients should be regarded as equal and given the kind of treatment they deserve regardless of gender and race.


Cherry, B., & Jacob, S. R. (2016). Contemporary nursing: Issues, trends, & management. Elsevier Health Sciences.

Johnstone, M. J. (2015). Bioethics: a nursing perspective. Elsevier Health Sciences.

Wongpakaran, N., & Wongpakaran, T. (2017). The Use of Films to Enhance Pedagogy in the Psychology Classroom. Internationalizing the Teaching of Psychology, 61.


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Nursing In Global Health Care

Reflection on Miss Evers’Boys Movie

This reflective paper on Miss Evers’Boys Movie is 10% of your final grade.

The purpose of this reflection paper and the reflective writing is to:

  • Illustrate the importance of informed consent procedures, discrimination and diversity issues in healthcare;
  • Help students recognize and understand the nature, scope and limits of scientific thinking and research, and
  • To assist students to identify ways to deal with ethical issues in nursing.

    Nursing In Global Health Care

    Nursing In Global Health Care

Description: Students will write a 2-page reflection paper based on the major points of the movie.

Components of the reflection paper:

  • Introduction
  • Write a paragraph to identify what you consider the author’s major points in the movie
  • Include a critical reflection, your own thinking, about the relevancy of the movie and significance of the movie to nursing science
  • APA format (title page, headers, heading, in-text citations, reference page)



  1. Use precise APA format that includes correct punctuation, spelling, sentence structure, and references. The “easy” on-line APA software has errors and should NOT be used.
  2. Type must be Times Roman, 12-point font, and double-spaced.
  3. Use the spell check function on the computer (will help with #1).
  4. Use a COVER page on specific assignments following APA guidelines unless a model is given.
  5. Submit the assignment on canvas by the due date.
  6. If page numbers are limited, pages that exceed the limit will NOT be read and further points may be removed if critical content was included on the excess pages.


Grading Rubric for the Reflection Paper on Miss Evers’Boys Movie

This Reflection paper on Miss Evers’Boys Movie is 10% of your final grade. No late assignment will be accepted and no rewrites will be allowed. No exceptions to the rule!

Student’s Name (s):____________________________________________  Date:_________

Grading Criteria Possible Points Points Earned

Professor comments:


Provide an overview of the of the movie and its historical influences on health seeking behavior among African American

Professor comments:


Explain the significance of the author’s major points in healthcare and exemplify how it might have changed the perception of African American about the healthcare system in the United States.

Professor comments:


Include a critical reflection, your own thinking, about the relevancy of the movie and significance of the movie to nursing science

Professor comments:


Discuss and explain implication of the movie for nursing science, including the are of:

Clinical practice,


Research, and

Public/Health policy.

Professor comments:



Professor comments:


APA format (title page, headers, heading, in-text citations, reference page)

Professor comments:



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