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Healthcare Security Breaches

Healthcare Security Breaches

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Healthcare Security Breaches

In the recent past, electronic systems of data storage in the healthcare environment have significantly increased.  Also, this increase has been realized in other fields, such as business and other organizations that need storage of vast amounts of data. The increase in the use of this system is because of several benefits it has to data-using organizations, including efficiency and accuracy. However, a notable increase in security breaches has been recorded, especially in the past three years. These breaches have various potential dangers, making it necessary to develop a counter-strategy to prevent them and protect the data from possible risks associated with such security breaches (Anwar, 2017). This paper summarizes the significant and recent violations of healthcare security. The article also highlights the potential threat that these breaches have had on healthcare data. Moreover, how these breaches can be minimized has been discussed.

Part 1: Security Breaches In Fitness Care And Other Industries

Whenever a data storage processor is distorted or stolen by cybercriminals, it becomes hazardous to checkup facilities and the specific individuals served by these facilities. Operations are put into jeopardy, causing a lot of inconveniences. Clients and patients find themselves at risk of getting their condition worsened. Moreover, financial, medicinal, and confidential personal information is in great danger of mishandling with the rise in cyber criminality.

The employment of fitness info skills maintains to develop in fitness care. Even though these new skills offer numerous chances and reimbursement for customers, they as well pose different risks to customer solitude. Since of these augmented dangers, the Fitness Assurance Portability and Answerability Act (HIPAA) and the Fitness Information Knowledge For Financial and Scientific Fitness Act (HITECH) comprise general principles for the isolation of secluded health info, the safety of electronic sequestered fitness information, and break announcement to customers.

Principle Threats Associated With These Security Breaches

Other than the monetary and reputational belongings damage, a break into the information about an individual endangers them theatrically since it leads to the disclosure of personal information. Medical ethics is thus much compromised (Angst, 2017). Hackers are involved in fitness care information because of its elevated value, and rule enforcement is conscious of the augment of the amount of attack intention. The fitness care manufacturing and investigators consider that tendency will persist in the subsequent time owing “to the lack of” sanctuary of the common of medicinal systems.

 Minimize Threats Due To Healthcare Data Breaches

HHS workplace for Social Rights (OCR) implemented this system, and in 2011, OCR recognized a direct audit agenda to charge the control and procedure covered unit have realized to obey them. From side to side, this agenda, OCR, urbanized a procedure or set of orders, which it then used to calculate the labor of the 115 enclosed units. As a fraction of OCR’s sustained promise to defend health info, the workplace instituted a formal assessment of the efficiency of the direct audit agenda (Sörensen, 2017). As with any complete security plan, user teaching is also significant. That can assist since you have unlimited monitoring ability by having your workers attentive to you while they observe a real payment ware “pop-up” to a “phishing email.”

Part 2: Medium Fitness Care Capability Security Diagram Based On Information From Part One Breaches

Generally, data defense and sanctuary breaches are considered the risky mechanism of healthcare schedules since laboratories are required to collect data and broadcast it through electronic modes by the law.  Lawfully, the data collected must be kept as private as possible in the bid to ensure the privacy safety measures set for healthcare practices (Barbosa, 2018). Data defense is thus necessary to protect care facilities from being compromised in any way. Therefore, the fitness diagram can help care facilities run their functions in a manner that maintains their safety from breaches.

Approaches For Sanctuary Intimidation

This time has been a large one in conditions of novel investigations and review data, counting “AlgoSec’s” “State of system Security 2013” as fine as “Verizon’s 2013 information” Breach Examination Report, among others. This information takes different approaches, but, in the long run, they end up getting submitted to the same area. Rendering to the State of system refuge “2013” conclusion, approximately 65% of respondents recognized insider intimidation as the maximum managerial risk.

Intimidation is coming within and exterior the business walls, owing to personal error and offensive action by many different motives. The prioritization of this might be dissimilar in every association, other than threats as of together ends are genuine and should be “accounted for.”

Security Plan

Physical and managerial defense: worker education, physical circumstance info archival and recovery systems, tragedy recovery, storage space media

The HIPAA sanctuary plan system creates nationwide standards involving covered units to ensure the privacy, honesty, and accessibility of EPHI, protect alongside any sensibly predictable threats or danger to EPHI, and protect adjacent to reasonably predictable unsuitable revelation.

Admittance safeguards: verification, code word management

Approval is the procedure of formative whether an exacting consumer (or a processor system) has the accuracy to hold out a specific activity, such as the interpretation of a folder or organization, or program.

Realize events to decide that the admission of a labor force member to electronic secluded health info is suitable.

Plan for system safeguards: cloud calculates, mobile intends to bring fitness care, firewalls, encryption/decryption, and security intimidation of movable plans used in fitness care delivery (Han, 2017).

Sustaining the security of fitness info was quite a simple process. As a little business proprietor, one must have a simple graph and strategy – a place of rule, if you resemble – about how every type of information must be switched, legalized, and secluded based on where it is wandering who will always be using it. In addition to organizational safeguards that resolve who has admittance to what information, technical safeguards are necessary.


Angst, C. M., Block, E. S., D’arcy, J., & Kelley, K. (2017). When Do IT Security Investments Matter? Accounting for the Influence of Institutional Factors in the Context of Healthcare Data Breaches. Mis Quarterly41(3).

Anwar, M., He, W., Ash, I., Yuan, X., Li, L., & Xu, L. (2017). Gender difference and employees’ cybersecurity behaviors. Computers in Human Behavior69, 437-443.

Barbosa, F. (2018). Emergency Health Care System and its Role in National Disasters. J. Hum. Ins2(1), 127-133.

Han, K., Trinkoff, A. M., Storr, C. L., Lerner, N., & Yang, B. K. (2017). Variation across US assisted living facilities: admissions, resident care needs, and staffing. Journal of Nursing Scholarship49(1), 24-32.

Sörensen, S., Chapman, B. P., Duberstein, P. R., Pinquart, M., & Lyness, J. M. (2017). Assessing future care preparation in late life: Two short measures. Psychological assessment29(12), 1480.


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Healthcare Security Breaches

Assignment Details

Here is a video introduction to the Assignment. Be sure to adjust your audio settings. Closed captioning is available in the video.

Unit outcomes addressed in this Assignment:

    • Contrast the difference between the terms confidentiality, privacy, and security.
    • Identify the greatest threats to the security of health information.
    • Describe the primary components of the security provision of the Health insurance Portability and Accountability Act and extensions by HITECH ACT.
    • Summarize the roles and responsibilities of the health information technician.

Course outcome(s) assessed/addressed in this Assignment:

HI300-4: Formulate a secure storage and retrieval process for healthcare data.

GEL 1.2: Demonstrate college-level communication through the composition of original materials in Standard American English.


There are two parts to this Assignment. Each one will help you better understand how security breaches are handled and give you the opportunity to create a security plan. Creating this security plan will help you understand what is needed to protect data.

Healthcare Security Breaches

Healthcare Security Breaches

Part I

  1. Search the internet for news about security breaches in healthcare and other industries in the last three years. Suggested source for the latest breach information from the Office of Civil Rights:

Source: HIPAA Privacy, Security, and Breach Notification Audit Program: United States Department of Health & Human Services. Retrieved from

  1. Write a critical essay summarizing the two cases. In your summary, identify the principal threats in each of these cases and what could have been done to minimize these threats.

Part II

  1. Using what you learned from Part I, create a security plan for a medium sized health care facility. In your security plan, evaluate how you would approach security threats from both inside and outside the organization. Be sure that you address the following items in your security plan:
    1. physical and administrative safeguards: employee education, health information archival and retrieval systems, disaster recovery, storage media
    2. access safeguards: authentication, password management
    3. network safeguards: cloud computing, mobile devices to deliver health care, firewalls, encryption / decryption
    4. security threats of mobile devices used in health care deliver
  1. Critique the plan you have written, identifying its strengths, elements that were not covered in the text, and any additional omissions or weaknesses of the plan.


    • The Assignment should be three to four pages in length, prepared in a Microsoft Word document, and APA-formatted.
    • Include a title page and reference page. Length requirements do not include the title page, and the reference page.
    • Follow APA style format and citation guidelines, including Times New Roman 12 point font and double spacing.
    • This Assignment should follow the conventions of Standard American English featuring correct grammar, punctuation, style, and mechanics.
    • Include at least four references. The course textbook counts as one reference. All sources must be scholarly. Wikipedia is not acceptable. Use APA style for all citations including course materials.
    • Your writing should be well ordered, logical, and unified, as well as original and insightful.

Submitting your work:

Submit your Assignment to the appropriate Dropbox.

Please be sure to download the file “Writing Center Resources” from Course Documents to assist you with meeting APA expectations for written Assignments.

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