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Discuss how policy can affect public and private healthcare in the country

Discuss how policy can affect public and private healthcare in the country

Sample Answer 

Discuss how policy can affect public and private healthcare in the country

Many healthcare policies have been set in the United States of America today. These policies focus on spreading economic risks in the healthcare environment through financing healthcare services offered in the country today. Most of these policies are publicly funded by states or Federal Government (Mazzucato, 2015). The publicly financed policies include mandatory insurance. However, other policies are financed by privately managed companies. This context describes the major effects of these policies on the healthcare environment, both public and private healthcare systems.

It should be noted that these policies have positive impacts on both private healthcare systems as well as public healthcare delivery systems. (Mazzucato, 2015). These policies bring about suitability in healthcare delivery to the citizens who get served in public healthcare facilities. This is through enabling the accessibility of public care facilities alongside enhancing high-quality care in public facilities.

In America today, healthcare service delivery is becoming more efficient, thereby increasing the quality of care offered to patients in public care facilities. Following these policies, a significant reduction in the costs of care has been noted in private healthcare facilities. This improvement is following a decrease in bureaucracy levels since private insurance companies, which previously acted in brokers’ positions in healthcare financing, have been removed.

These policies also bring about benefits through private care systems. These policies aid in reducing the amount of time taken when handling patients, as well as controlling the use of medical services by addressing the misuse and overuse of services and medical materials (Stevens, 2017). As a result of controls on abuse of services, healthcare costs are significantly reduced. Taxes on medication by the government have also been a milestone in achieving the affordability of healthcare services. However, with the private care systems and facilities in place, the government’s tax urge has been significantly reduced, consequently reducing bureaucracy. The policies have therefore enabled efficiency in care delivery by reducing time spent on delivering care services to patients in the country and scrapping off the bureaucracy that previously dominated the private care system.

Both private and public healthcare facilities are affected in one way or the other by the mandatory insurance policy in the U.S.  Through the mandatory insurance policy, citizens are safer as the policy covers any unexpected health issue that an individual may develop. Moreover, it has enabled the availability and reliability of medical facilities (Buchmueller, 2016). This mandatory policy is, therefore, essential to the societies of the United States of America. The policy has ensured that all citizens in America can afford quality care services, even for emergency health issues.

It is, therefore evident that these healthcare policies have great positive impacts on the quality of care delivered in both public and private facilities. As described in the above paragraphs, these policies have significantly improved the efficiency and affordability of care services in the country. Healthcare policies are therefore crucial to both the American citizens and the government, which is more concerned with making healthcare delivery affordable and of the best quality. Healthcare firms also play a role in improving the quality of care services.


Mazzucato, M. (2015). The entrepreneurial state: Debunking public vs. private sector myths (Vol. 1). Anthem Press.

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Discuss how policy can affect public and private healthcare in the country

Journal Detail

For this Journal entry, discuss how policy can affect public and private healthcare in this country. Your Journal entry should be at least 500 words and cite appropriate references.

Please submit your Journal to the Unit 8 Journal Dropbox.

Discuss how policy can affect public and private healthcare in the country

Discuss how policy can affect public and private healthcare in the country

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