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Nursing Informatics Nur 312 Case Study

Nursing Informatics Nur 312 Case Study

Sample Answer 

Nursing Informatics Nur 312 Case Study

How would you feel as the parents in this situation?

As parents of 12-year-old Paul, the first priority is to ensure that his sugar levels are maintained. The health of the child comes first, which translates to attending all the counseling sessions and documenting the progress of any developments that arise on Paul. Notably, there is a general issue of privacy of patients’ information. Information concerning the patient must be protected by all health bodies due to the fact that it has been exposed. In addition, parents generally feel that the healthcare system is liable and must own up to address the issue.

What is the problem? (Clearly state the problem)

The first problem is the privacy of patient information. The healthcare system must ensure that personal information concerning their patient is protected. The second issue is Paul, who has an issue with sugar imbalance condition in his body, diabetes, and overdoing football activity. This is a physical process that needs energy, which is generated from respiration, a biological process that involves burning sugar in the presence of oxygen to produce energy (McCardle, 2015). It is upon the parents and teachers of Paul to ensure that they control his physical activity playing football.

What ethical principles would guide you in this case?

The ethical concern in the case study of Paul, who has diabetes, is the privacy of patient information. All healthcare systems must develop trust from their patients to ensure that they can confide in them regarding their personal health conditions. For this reason, they have to seal any points of information leak of Paul’s condition to other diabetic members.

Name one alternative for solving this dilemma? (what could have the nurse done differently)

Due to the fact that Paul’s sugar levels have been rising for the past five days, it is the responsibility of the nurse to sensitize all the stakeholders involved in the management of the condition for necessary medical interventions to take place. These are the case manager (CM) and the parents of the patient (McCardle, 2015). It calls for 100% support from all ends to manage the condition of the diabetic patient.

Are there any consequences to the alternative action you chose?

The choice of action is aimed at ensuring proper management of sugar levels for Paul, who is only 12 years of age. Due to the fact that the patient is young and needs closer attention, the alternative action will ensure proper management of the diabetic condition.


McCardle, J. (2015). The diabetic foot: a core component of diabetes management. Diabetes Management5(2), 63-65. doi:10.2217/dmt.14.60


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Nursing Informatics Nur 312 Case Study

Paul is a 12 year old male diabetic. He maintains his personal digital assistant (PDA), hand-held device, that interfaces with his glucometer and provides information based on inputted data from him and his parents. This information is transmitted to his MD/hospital, school nurse, case manager (CM), and to the parents’ home computer. All in an attempt to better control his diabetes. You are his CM. 

Nursing Informatics Nur 312 Case Study

Nursing Informatics Nur 312 Case Study

The PDA sends an update to you since Paul’s blood glucose levels have been rising steadily for the last 5 days. The physician has left a message for you to contact this family and have them come in for an evaluation. You know that both of his parents work so you send an e-mail message to the parents’ via their home computer asking them to bring Paul in for an assessment. Since you are in a hurry and will be seeing other patients when they return from work, you decide to add more information to the message than normal reviewing with them the importance of maintaining control over the diabetes and expressing your concern since Paul has not checked in with you lately. You tell them that you think he might be over-doing it since he is trying to play football. You ask how they are doing and if they are still attending their counseling sessions.

Paul’s 4-year-old sister, Lilah, sends your email out to all of the diabetic lists that both Paul and his parents belong. They interact with people on these lists regularly.  

The parents call everyone including you and are outraged that this information was sent everywhere….

Consider the following

  1. How would you feel as the parents in this situation?
  2. What is the problem? (Clearly state the problem)
  3. What ethical principles would guide you in this case?
  4. Name one alternative for solving this dilemma? (what could have the nurse done differently)
  5. Are there any consequences to the alternative action you chose?

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